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SamboStar 12-07-2010 06:35 PM

Please critique my hoof trim job!!!!
I just touched up Sam's feet today, and I took these pictures after I finished.

Below: right front, front view

Right front, side view

Left front, front view

Left front, side view

Sorry the pics are so big!
Just a bit of a back-story on Sam's feet: He is a Thoroughbred, so his feet aren't the best of quality. When his owner brought him home about, oh, three or four years ago, his feet were HORRIBLE...chipped, cracked, TONS of flare and a big dish on both front feet. His heels also were very underslung, or growing underneath the hoof.

The farrier couldn't come often enough to get them taken care of, so my mom and I learned how to trim ourselves and we began trimming Sam's feet every three to four weeks.

His heels are much better now, and the left front is now normal (for Sam, lol), and the right front is getting better (the right front is worse than the left because he stands with that foot back while he eats, putting all of the pressure on the toe and causing the dish). His hind feet are perfectly fine.

Sorry for the "novel"...let me know what you think of my self-trim job! Oh, and remember....constructive critique only!

PintoTess 12-07-2010 06:45 PM

i am no expert but i think that you could have sttod him up a little the last pic his hoof looks a little flat but that may be the heel prolem that you mentioned. I dont do my own, i get the farrier to do it so i am no expert lol. and also, TB's back feet are weird. on is round and short and the other is long and tall. it is not a bad thing, just a chracteristic that TB's have. look at your fron the fron next time and you will see what i mea. Sorry that i cant help more and good luck with your hoof trimming :D

Vidaloco 12-07-2010 06:59 PM

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I'm envious of anyone who does their own horses feet. From what I can tell comparing it to our girls, you could put more of a mustang roll on the edge.
Here is a photo of Vida right after a trim

RATHER BE RIDING 12-07-2010 07:03 PM

I am not a farrier, but I did take lessons in natural hoof care from a certified trimmer that learned from Pete Ramey. I think that you did a nice job. I don't know if it is the angle of the picture or not, but it does look like there is still some flare on the sides of the front feet. Do you hold anything with a straight edge, like the thin side of your rasp, from the band down? If it lays flat against the hoof, there is no flare. I am sure that you will get a multitude of opinions, but I think that it is great that you do it yourself. As you have found out, it makes for a healthier hoof and less cracks and chips to trim them more often. Hooray for you!!

Missdv 12-07-2010 07:24 PM

Look pretty good, my hubby & I are learning to do our own also, too expensive. The best way to judge according to our coach is on level flat ground and to walk them towards and away from ya so you can see if their shoulders & hips are level. We also have a hoof gauge, find the perfect gauge for your horse and mark it. I have 2 different girls and theirs are different. And the mustange roll helps a lot, Mariah will tend to trip, since we started with that she trips a lot less, and keeps em from splitting so bad

SamboStar 12-07-2010 07:33 PM

yes, I do the mustang roll - his hoof walls are so thin that you can "roll" them and not have it look like much. Also, the ground is soft, so he's sinking a little and the mud/hay make it hard to see.
I have been dealing with the flare issues for - well, since we started trimming!! They have gotten MUCH better though - imagine his feet looking like pancakes!

Vidaloco 12-07-2010 07:39 PM


his hoof walls are so thin that you can "roll" them and not have it look like much.

Vida has good solid feet so that makes sense. I'm sure that's why our farrier can do such a rounded roll.
We had a TB years ago who's feet were always a mess. Back before we knew anything about a "natural trim".
Your doing a great job with hers. Do you trim the frog at all? I've gotten very stubborn about this issue. I don't want any frog removed unless its a piece hanging off.

PintoTess 12-07-2010 08:05 PM

my farrier files over Tess's frog just to get the feral flaky bits off, it doesnt hurt them but sometimes he will run the knife dows the side of the frog to get the hanging off bits off, it also doesnt hurt them.

SamboStar 12-07-2010 09:24 PM

I don't trim anyting off the frog or the sole...unless of course there is something hanging that could get torn off or is a loose flap holding mud and yuck against his foot all the time...I totally agree Vidaloco!! His feet are sensitive enough as it is, trimming (and therefore thinning) the sole makes him more sensitive. And the frog? It's a shock absorber - don't cut it off, for crying out loud!!!

PintoTess 12-08-2010 05:09 AM

no way dont cut it off!!! the horse may as well have no legs if you cut that off lol! all my farrier does is trim the dingly-dangly bits off and runs the file lightly over it.

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