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kchfuller 03-25-2008 04:24 PM

random question ...
So i have a 4 yr old ottb and she is amazing, as long and her friends are around ... when they aren't she is a spazzzzzzzz and wants nothing more then to go find them ... i know she is nervous but it is frustrating because i want to show her and i can't ALWAY have her buddy with us ... any ideas?

oh yes, we trailer the horses to an arena so that only ridding time i get is with my friend and her mom (my friends horse is the one that Maddy can't live without) so it's not like i can go ride her alone ...

thanks in advance for the advice! :)

mlkarel2010 03-25-2008 05:51 PM

when her buddies leave and she spazes out MAKE HER WORK!! make her focus on what you want her to do, not on where her buddies are..... make her do turns, circles, stops reverses, anything so that she HAS to pay attention to you and forgets about her buddies..... hope that helps

Bitless 03-26-2008 02:52 AM

Well she is only 4. And if you are always riding her with another horse its what you would expect. Dont go getting upset or anything ( not saying you are but yea ) at her because its not her fault, its a natural behaviour, further sustained because of the situation you have put her in.

As far as getting her used to being ridded away from her friends.....well you are pretty limited since the only time you can ride is when they are there. I can kinda only suggest on doing exercises were she really has to listen to you, lots of circles and transitions . And when you and your friend are in the arena ride seperatly, like one at each end ( depending on how big it is). Keep her attention on you all the time. Dont let her see her mate untill the end of the ride when you are finnished. Aside from that not sure what else to suggest...maby someone else can be more helpful.

kchfuller 03-26-2008 11:28 AM

thanks guys ... i am doing everything that you suggested so that makes me feel good :) haha I will keep those things up then! thanks again!

crackrider 03-26-2008 11:32 PM

Also if she is an ottb then sha has always had other racehorses around her for her whole life so that also doesn't really help either but like the others said make her work and forget about where the other horses are. :)

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