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tpup 12-08-2010 06:19 PM

Do hocks really every fuse? Someone please explain
My gelding has hock arthritis. It is well managed with injections every 6 months and good joint supps, as well as regular light to moderate work. He is around 20. When I first had them Xrayed 3 years ago, the vet said "they are about as bad as hocks can get". Not a whole lot of space to inject and vet always comments that the area is very tight when he injects. Yet we ride happily, avoiding steep hills, hard or frozen footing and jumping. He loves to hack out and typically "tells me" when it's time for injections. We still lesson weekly and he loves to do things like trot poles. His true love is just riding out and exploring the woods and fields, and trails. (He used to be a H/J lesson horse).

My question is....will his hocks ever fuse? I have heard about fusing hocks, and that after they fuse, horses can be fully sound. My hope is that this horse will be rideable for many more years. His temperment is unflappable, about as bombproof as they come and he is a true gentleman. I had one vet tell me that hocks never truly fuse which doesn't sound right to me. Another vet told me I would be lucky to get another year out of him (that was over 3 years ago!) :)

Do hocks fuse?? Do every horse's hocks fuse eventually?? Someone please enlighten me.

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