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oldschoolmarm 12-08-2010 07:25 PM

old scars (human) and returning to riding
Sorry, but I couldn't find a specific place for sports medicine related to riding. Hopefully someone here will have some suggestions:

I have finally gotten back to riding (hunt seat) after many years being a-ground and I'm staring at 67, which is daunting enough. Now, after a couple of sessions where I've been working hard, I've discovered a problem. A number of years ago I had major colic surgery (me, not my horses) and each place they put a staple/suture is a knot of scar tissue. I have virtually no abdominal body fat, so the knots are rather prominent. I've found that the more correct my seat, the more seriously the abdominal skin rubs over those knots - and the result is quite painful! Saddle sore, heck - that I relish at this point, but I'm at a loss to understand how I can ride correctly unless I can come up with a way to keep the effect of the scar tissue under control.

Any suggestions? I'd imagine that someone who had undergone a c-section might have a comparable problem, especially if they have a tendency to excessive scar tissue formation.

My surgeon just shrugged. He knows better than to suggest that I just give up on riding.

Kymbadina 12-09-2010 02:12 AM

So, these scars are low abdomen? and your pants are rubbing them? I'm mildly confused.
There HAS to be a solution. I'm just struggling to picture how a lower abdomen scar is affecting your riding. Is it maybe deep and somehow affecting your abdomen muscles?
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mbender 12-09-2010 06:16 AM

Well because I don't know you or the situation, I will say, I had a C-section 12yrs ago and know the pain. But then again, I didn't ride until completely healed. And even now at 39, I don't feel anything so can't figure out how yours feel.

Here's my thoughts: if you wear jeans, don't and wear some supportive breeches or maybe support hose? Or can you wear a abdominal support band? I hope that you can find something to help you.
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faye 12-09-2010 07:21 AM

Is it the scar surface that hurts or the inside that hurts?

I'm just wondering if you've got adhesions. I had them after my emergancy appendicitis operation. Every time I stretched the muscles in my stomach I ended up in agony.
I had them removed in a minor operation and have never had any problems since

oldschoolmarm 12-09-2010 09:11 AM

Thanks for your responses!
Yes, I have adhesions as well. Actually, those (from a previous resection to remove a large tumor) were what caused the obstruction resulting in the 'colic' surgery. I fear my gut (with scars running from just below my sternum to my pubic arch) is quite a mess... but Medicare isn't terribly forgiving when considering elective/'cosmetic' procedures. I normally ride in tights or breeches, and wish I could wrap my abdomen in silicone so clothing would slide without the skin sliding. My sitting trot days may be over. *G*
There may be more to it than that, especially considering my advancing age - but my coach/instructor suggested that I simply have no padding to protect all of those lumps and knots. I've tried a couple of external layers, etc but haven't hit upon the right combination. I'll keep trying things - but gaining weight to get some internal padding isn't one of them. Because of the compromises to my internal organs, I have to fight to stay over 105#.

faye 12-09-2010 04:22 PM

Its got to be one of the few times I am thankful for the NHS!! they made the mess on my original op and they fixed it suprisingly quickly for the NHS.

Have you tried scar reduction patches? I used some on a scar I got after having a lump removed from under my bra strap area, Doctor said take it easy and I did, I only moved 400 bales of hay the next day instead of the 1000 I was planning on. Conciquently I pulled my stitches out and ended up with a raised scar. Scar reduction patches have made it smaller and less raised.

Also I know it sounds strange but have you concidered covering the area with Opsite? thats the clear plastic dressing they use when you first come out of surgery. It is very good for stopping clothes rubbing on scars and stitches.

I'd challenge medicare on the fact that adhesions are not cosmetic and infact you need them removed to function normaly. I certainly couldnt function anywhere near normaly with mine.

oldschoolmarm 12-09-2010 05:41 PM

I'll have to try to find that Opsite! It sounds like it might work! Thank you for the suggestion!

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