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shandy1994 03-25-2008 09:32 PM

Hock sores... what to use to protect.
I have a mare that has hock sores. I have tried all the topical stuff that has been recomended and it would probably work but she just keeps reinjuring them I guess. I have got her heavily bedded trying to keep her from getting them but she digs before she rolls or lies down so the bedding doesnt always help although I'm sure she doesnt get them as bad or as much as she would without it. I think I need to resort to hock boots and I bought a pair today but they are neoprene and I didn't think about it when I bought them but if these boots are neoprene they will probably also hold in heat. Is that not good? I'm sure these will probably work after the sores are gone but while they are healing will the heat possibly make the sores not heal well? I really want to take care of the issue and I dont mind useing the boots, I just dont want to cause more of a problem if these are actually meant for a certain purpose such as a different injury and shouldnt be used all the time like I intend to use them. Help please!!

AKPaintLover 03-26-2008 12:38 AM

I would give them a try. The heat would probably be more of an issue if you were working her in them, which you are not planning on. Just take them off and clean the sores daily. The air getting on them will help. Whenever you have her out of her stall, keep the boots off.

If there is anyway you can have her turned out more, that might help also. When she is turned out, keep the boots off. Only wear the boots when she is in the stall. Also, it would probably be good to put some antibiotic cream on them daily until they heal, cover that with a square of goss, wrap that with a layer of vet-wrap, then put on the hock-boots. Check, air out, and replace daily.

I know the pain of hock sores... our gelding had them really bad 2 years ago, but when we began keeping him turned out, they healed, and have not come back. :)

good luck.

Abby 03-26-2008 09:43 AM

What are hock sores and how do horses get them?

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