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Fiyaero 12-10-2010 11:12 PM

Hello, a poem?
I'm kind of new here and I've been reading the poems section... I thought I would share one of mine.

It's not exactly about horses- it can apply to any pet we love. I hope you all enjoy it and find truth in it.

"I break my own heart"

I never did think,
I was breaking my heart,
I thought it was you,
Who tore me apart,

It started from the beginning,
And progressed far from there,
As our bond grew stronger,
And we matured to a pair,

You were always right here,
Never out of sight,
You were my friend every moment,
From morning to night,

I took you for granted,
I didnít hug every second,
Which is so important,
Now that I reckon,

Time is a gift,
I never thought it would end,
So I treated it that way,
Iím sorry my friend,

That I wasted those years,
More than I should,
But you know Iíd take back,
Every moment I could,

From our walks in the forest,
To our swims in the sea,
You relished every moment,
That you spent with me,

Yet I had the idea,
That youíd live forever,
And that we would have,
Infinity together,

I learned the hard way,
That good things donít last,
And the time that you have them,
Goes by too fast,

Once morning I woke,
To find a shadow at the door,
I didnít know what it was,
Iíd never seen it before,

I felt like my soul,
Was sucked from my blood,
As I waded through,
This tragedy flood,

I clawed at itís eyes,
I clawed at itís cloak,
I clawed at itís face,
Until my heart broke,

It was death in my face,
I shoved him away,
As hard as I fought,
He came here to stay,

I tried to bargain,
He wouldnít take deals,
He just wanted you,
To haul off in his creels,

I said ďNo itís not timeĒ!
Life seemed to halt,
It was then and there,
I knew I was at fault,

I am the one,
Who chose to love a pet,
Unconciouslly accepting,
That you were a threat,

A threat to my heart,
A threat to my love,
When eventually death,
Always rises above,

I never did think,
I was breaking my heart,
I thought it was you,
Who tore me apart,

When your head lolled off,
And your eyes died there,
I finally realized,
You werenít mine to share,

Owned by a higher power,
You always had yourself,
You were only here to enjoy,
By my loving olí self,
I want you back,
Even though you are here,
I want your physical body,
To smell hold and hear,

Breathing is natural,
Now you arenít any more,
You went back to God,
For him to adore,

He is so lucky,
I wish I was God,
So I could see you,
My incredible dog,

You are waiting for me,
I can feel your breath,
I know you are here,
Even in death,

I promise ok?
That Iíll never leave,
The day that I die,
Is the day I wonít grieve,

Iíll grab you and hug you,
Iíll never release,
Your eternal companionship,
That you sent through the leash,

And weíll run off together,
In the milky blue sky,
Because there is no such thing,
As saying goodbye,

I never did think,
I was breaking my heart,
I thought it was you,
Who tore me apart.

tinyliny 12-10-2010 11:50 PM

That is just a lovely poem and so very moving. I especiallly love the openning stanza which you repeated throughout. Thank you for sharing.

alissabrianna 12-12-2010 09:52 PM

Amazing! and sooo true. I think, unfortunately, everyone can relate to this.

Fiyaero 12-14-2010 11:58 PM

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it

CheyGurl17 12-16-2010 08:23 AM

Thats a great poem! Thanks for sharing it so that I could read it too!

Phantomstallion 12-20-2010 07:41 AM

I love it. So touching and even educational. That we can't take things for granted. That good things don't last forever. Well Done.

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