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southafrica1001 03-26-2008 03:50 AM

need someone to explain leasing please
sorry if this isint the right place to post it. i was just wandering if someone can explain what leasing and half leasing is exactly, and is it differnt for every country. i might lease or half lease from my stables. hehe sorry im not so good at the general horse knowledge so im learning still :D thanks

mlkarel2010 03-26-2008 10:13 PM

leasing is pretty much renting a horse..... the details are really up to the owner of the horse..... but you get to use the horse, but you don't really own it..... everything else depends on the owner, like where it is kept, who pays the bills, and stuff like that

southafrica1001 03-27-2008 12:14 AM

Thanks :D in my stables you only rent the stables horses would it still be the same?

mlkarel2010 03-27-2008 10:07 PM

it depends.... leasing is more of you own the horse, like you act like it is yours, even though it isn't, but renting at your stables you might still share the horse, idk, i'd have to know what your stable does exactly

upnover 03-27-2008 11:42 PM

There are a million variations to leasing! At our barn if you lease one of our horses you have the option for a full or half lease. For a full lease you're basically responsible for all maintenance of the horse (board, farrier, vet, etc) plus a lease fee, which is dependant on the show quality of the horse. That horse is basically yours until the contract is up. For a half lease you pay half of all maintenance fees (vet/farrier bills are prorated per month) plus a smaller lease fee. However, medical bills are grouped into two catagories. The leasor pays for things that a result of the rider (injury, etc). For things that are purely accidental the barn pays. As far as riding, 3 days the horse is yours, 3 days the horse is the barns, and the 7th day the horse has off.

southafrica1001 03-28-2008 02:07 AM

Thanks every one, im going to my stables tomorrow and ill check out their prices and they way the lease and half lease out. thanks again :D

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