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Horseychick94 12-10-2010 11:31 PM

Coolers or Anti Sweat Sheets?
What is the difference between a cooler and an anti sweat sheet?:?

aspin231 12-11-2010 12:07 AM

I've never heard of an anti-sweat sheet. Is there a link or picture you can show us?

Horseychick94 12-11-2010 12:09 AM

aspin231 12-11-2010 01:52 AM

Okay. A cooler is to keep the horse warm as they dry off, and are made of fleece or wool.
It looks like the sheet you posted is made of mesh? I can't figure out what it's use would be.
...but they aren't the same thing.

Polaris 12-20-2010 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by Horseychick94 (Post 847102)

This is an Irish Knit. It's something that I would tend to use in warmer weather for cooling out a sweaty horse. A "cooler" is typically made of denser fabric (wool, fleece, etc.) and is suitable for use in colder weather for cooling out a sweaty horse. Hope that helps.

mumiinek 12-21-2010 02:48 PM

As far as I know an anti-sweat sheet is actually supposed to absorb the moisture from the horse's coat whereas cooler is supposed to ensure the horse dries slower to prevent him from getting cold. So a cooler is something you put on a horse while walking him after workout while anti-sweat sheet you can put on him or under a regular blanket when putting him into the stall (and removing it after some time when it's wet).

Okay, I just googled it and found so many different opinions as people in different locations tend to call different things different names. Some websites say both are the same thing, some say the difference is that cooler is made for cold weather while anti-sweat is used in summer, some say the difference is in thickness and material. It would be nice if someone actually knew what was the original difference between those two before people started to mess with the names. Or maybe it really is just two names for the same thing...?

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