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KawaiiCharlie 12-11-2010 06:46 PM

PLEASE can someone draw this picture?
Id really love it if someone whos really good at drawing could draw this picture of my friends horse Hoppet, she was put down today due to a broken leg (see "horror on christmas ride" post in Horse riding section) and i thought it would be nice to give her a really good drawing of her horse as a gift.
would appreciate if the drawing could be done ASAP as i dont know when im going to be seeing her next as i doubt she will be at the stables anymore because she doesnt have a horse..but yeah...pretty please!!! id be extremely gratefull! thankss

could you just draw the horse & not the person and background please!

peppyrox 12-12-2010 10:28 PM

I'm so sorry to hear about this, I hope yourself and your friend are okay. I drew a picture of the photo you posted and I hope you like it. She looked like a beautiful horse with a very sweet, kind face. I couldn't decide where to draw the lead rope, so I drew in on afterwards and took a photo before and after, so I have posted both.. Anyway, I hope you like them and that your friend does also. Best wishes :)

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Mypaintcanjump 12-13-2010 06:14 PM

aww we had a horse that broke his leg

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