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juniormylove 12-12-2010 12:19 PM

Jumping critique
Most unfortunately, Scooter is not mine so please don't critique him :)

This is maybe my third time jumping him 2'6" [without falling off] so I'm still getting used to it. Also, I just figured out how to ride him without 1904289043 refusals, lol. He's also veryvery sensitive and ready to party in this cold weather, so I was having fun down the lines trying to stay in control.

Also - how is my release? I used to "snap" my hands up off his neck on the landing side, I'm trying really hard to stop doing that.

I'm finally starting to actively look for and ride for a distance more than 2 strides away, which has made our rides a looot better. We had a few long distances where I got a touch left behind because when I realize we're going to get a bad distance, I tend to just leg him on and hope for the best. [Better than my old response which was to drop my hands and turtle]. Actually, you can see my old response in the one jump that he refuses...I saw that our distance was gonna be less than ideal, and I completely stopped riding. I'm getting better though, I swear!

I'm sorry about the video quality, my dad was cold so he was recording from the observation room and he doesn't have the steadiest hands.

Aaand just for comparison,just so you can see our...issues with going OVER fences [video is from early august]

Tear me apart?
Thanks so much!

xojumperxo1 12-12-2010 02:59 PM

I think your eq on the flat is great! Your leg swings a little.. but whos doesn't :p In the first few jumping videos, your eq over fences is incorrect. when you're over the fence you look like your standing straight up, you need to bend more at your hips and give a release, I know the jumps are small are its harder to do correctly when theyre small, but when you stand up instead of folding at the hips, your horse doesnt get a release. Other than that, id say you two are a great team (:

juniormylove 01-10-2011 09:56 PM

Alrighty so I have video from my last lesson on Friday...any difference? This is a different horse, it's Twiggy. She was being...well...Twiggy.

Just ignore the last line, haha. It was...bad. We lost impulsion through the corner, she drifted towards the jump we'd been doing earlier in the lesson...and we got the longest spot I think I've ever had a horse jump from. The last jump was an oxar with hay bales in front of it, and she took off a mile away from it, lol.

Slightly better last jump:

I couldn't feel my right foot [long story] and this was the first time I'd ridden in a few weeks. First time on this horse since August.

Oh, and for extra of my first few lessons on her, this past summer. Any improvement there?

Thanks :)

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