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drafts4ever 12-15-2010 03:05 AM

Proper gear horse and rider portraits?
I'm getting back into showing. I've been out of rated shows since I was 16 and although I've still been riding to show I haven't gone back in yet. I'm 22 now and Pinto and eventing starts in April. Legacy is my show horse for these shows. All english for me in pinto and events but my trainer and a student will be showing her western for Pinto. Anyway to the point. My mom wants some portraits done of me and my mares in completely proper english attire. Hunt jacket, breeches, boots, everything. She wants it very natural not posed like high school portrait posed. I'm normally great with ideas but does anyone have some portraits like this I could look at because I'm drawing a blank this time. I tried googling it but when I typed in equestrian portraits I got a bunch of paintings.

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