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vivache 12-15-2010 01:44 PM

Hot Pink, Lime Green, or Both?
I am a saddleseat rider. I am lucky. I ride in one of the *very few* English disciplines that allows you to go all out. Last year I was purple. I figure it's a good way to catch the judge's eye without bein' too crazy.

The horse I'm showing is black. I am having a fight between lime green and hot pink. I have a lime green halter-- a nice Weaver Graphite. I have a hot pink halter, too.. a Hamilton with brass hardware. My lead rope is a black Weaver Graphite with purple, pink, lime, and blue flecks. I have both hot pink and lime green dressage whips.

I just need to pick.. it's almost time for me to buy my vest and tie! I'm gonna get a nice Reed Hill, not a crappy Wal-Mart Ghetto-Vest this year.

MIEventer 12-17-2010 09:45 PM

I have seen some real nice saddle pads this season- and one was white with Hot Pink Trim and Lime Green Trim. It was very nice! Nice enough for me to want to buy one.

I see them on the Hoseloverz website in their saddle pad section.....and I see them also in the Dover cataglogue - they are on sale for $19.99 or something like that.

If done right, I think the two colors look very sharp together!

equiniphile 12-17-2010 09:51 PM

Lime green and pink will be my gymkhana colors for Molly this summer at fair :). She's dark bay in winter and I'm going to try to kep her that color in summer haha. I think pink and green would look great in saddleseat, especially on a black horse

Gizmo 12-20-2010 06:24 PM

Is the horse a boy or a girl? I just feel bad for putting hot pink on a boy horse, so if he is a gelding I would say the lime, but if its a mare I say go for the pink!

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