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dirtymartini 12-15-2010 08:27 PM

new dog *seems* aggressive towards my minis...any suggestions?
Maybe it will just take time.

I went and adopted a dog at the Humane Society about 10 days ago! A very sweet, 2 yr old, 40 lb black lab mix. She is such a good doggie! Potty trained, sweet as pie...just an all around good dog. The only thing is...i don't feel I can let her off the leash around my minis. She lunges at them and raises her hackles and seems somewhat aggressive. Now...maybe she wants to play? I kind of think she has never seen such a creature before...she barks at big horses, too. It is so minis look at her like she is a silly nusciance and nothing more. They do not even flinch. I have a feeling they could easily defend themsleves with a swift kick...but then again, i do not want any big vet bills for this dog!

Do you have a dog that acts like this around your minis/horses? Any advice? Is it just a matter of time? I would like to let the dog run free in our fenced in yard, but it includes the pasture and the paddocks/stalls and I am worried. thanks!

Oh, here she is...Snooki!

CheyGurl17 12-15-2010 08:34 PM

hmm, maybe your dog has never been around horses. maybe she is trying to get the minis to join in her play with her! we taught our dogs to be nice around the horses, and that horses are dangerous. except that my (my sister in law's) dog loves to play with my special girl Cheyenne. since Cheyenne was born, Radar, the dog, loved to play 'tag' with her. I know they play it very safely, and dont get too close to eachother to get hurt unless they are only walking or standing still. maybe just let your new dog see the horses, and understand that they are ok, but are harmful, so that she doesnt try to be aggressive around them. good luck! i hope she warms up soon, and i like it that you got a dog in need!

dirtymartini 12-15-2010 08:41 PM

yes, this dog is VERY playful! I also have a 9 year old long haired chihuahua. She is NOT interested in playing with the new dog. At first, i was worried that my new doggie might injure or get aggressive with my chi. She doesn't AT ALL...just gets obnoxious sometimes trying to play with her. So you are very right...she might just want to play with the minis. I don't think the minis are interested, though...but who knows...maybe they are? I just don't know when it will be ok to let Snooki off the leash and give it a try. I think I will wait a little longer before trying it!

Thanks for the quick response...and rescue animals are always the best, I think! Sometimes, I almost cry when I see the dog laying next to my 12 year old daughter in bed, knowing we are going to go to the dog park the next day...and I think of her in her cold, concrete"cell" at the Humane Society, and (not to brag, LOL) I think, "That sure is one lucky dog!"

I get sick to my stomach, tho...thinking of all the other dogs that I saw the same day I picked her out, wondering if they got adopted.:cry:

kevinshorses 12-15-2010 08:45 PM

I would aggressively discipline the dog EVERY time it barked at ANY horse. My idea of aggressive and yours might vary but as long as you do it every time and it makes the dog uncomfortable then you should be able to break the habit.

CheyGurl17 12-15-2010 08:55 PM

yeah. i would say just get her seeing horses like crazy. chances are that she has never really seen other animals before, and this way you can get her used to it. but also let her know it is NOT ok to be aggressive. for my dogs, a 'shush' was good enough, because they knew that they had done something wrong!

dirtymartini 12-15-2010 08:58 PM

yes, I must be careful with my use of the word "agressive." her tail is wagging most of the time, so that makes it seem a bit more "playful" but she does have a really deep BARK and like I said, her hair is raised on her back (although she does that when she plays with other dogs, too.)

I just don't know what I would do if she actually bit one of the minis. Again, I am also concerned one of the minis will kick her outta the yard! LOL. My neighbor's German Shepherd once kind of lunged at the minis...and the pinned their ears back and lunged right back at him...he yelped and slinked away, it was quite funny!

dirtymartini 12-15-2010 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by CheyGurl17 (Post 853274)
yeah. i would say just get her seeing horses like crazy. chances are that she has never really seen other animals before, and this way you can get her used to it. but also let her know it is NOT ok to be aggressive. for my dogs, a 'shush' was good enough, because they knew that they had done something wrong!

Thanks again, Chey. yeah, she sees big horses, too. when I walk her through the neighborhood. It might just be a matter of time.

coffeeaddict 12-15-2010 09:07 PM

There is a better chance that a dog will injure a mini instead of the other way around. Unless of course she attacks from behind and puts herself right in the line of fire to get a kick.

I agree with Kevin, I would correct her when she does this, and THEN ask her for a better behavior that you can reward. I'm guessing she doesn't know any obedience yet because she's new to you? I'd start by teaching her to sit, get it solid at home without the horse, then you can ask for it when you need it.

If she's sitting she can't be lunging at the mini.

Dogs learn best when it's black and white for them. Growl and lunge = correction. Sit and ignore= praise and treat.

She *could* want to play, but if her hackles are up she is most likely either afraid and lashing out to keep the mini away, excited and the prey drive is kicking in, or aggressive and feeling bold enough to do something about it.

Does she react this way when she passes other dogs on the street?

equiniphile 12-15-2010 09:07 PM

I never had a problem with my Jack Russels and the horses until I brought a lab/german shepherd home from the pound. He's the sweetest dog but would always go after the horses, jump up, and try to nip them in the barn over the stalls. Every time I threatened him with the rake and told him simply "get out of the barn" in a certain tone every time. This dog is smart and figured out after a while that "get out of the barn" means "get out of the barn or else". Once I tell him, he goes right out. He's just not allowed in the barn anymore. The German shepherd in him just comes out when the horses are around. I tell ya, when a horse gets loose he's the first thing you want....rounds the horse up without showing teeth and brings them back into the barn! Lol.

churumbeque 12-15-2010 09:29 PM

This is when a shock collar would come in handy. Can you borrow one to try out and then you can have some control off leash.

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