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PintoTess 12-17-2010 04:08 AM

Horse forum's next top model horse (breyer and that)
So this is pretty much just a fun thread. Enter your model horses, breyer, schleich, peter stone ect into one of these catogries and the winner in each catagory will win a photo edit on picnik by me. deadline is 1st january!!!
1. Mare
3. gelding
5 mare and foal
6. herd of horses
7. dressage (must have dressage tack and rider)
8. showjumping (must be jumping a jump)
9. cross country (in a course)
10. halter
11. scenic shot
12. pony
13. background and horse
So as i said this is a fun thread and i juts thought that i would do somthing a little different :D

HorseChic 12-18-2010 02:10 AM

Its not letting me upload them! :? Can i email you mine?

PintoTess 12-18-2010 02:15 AM

yeah ok. :D

HorseChic 12-18-2010 02:16 AM

hahah lol doesnt matter anyway :P ill send you it now :)

PintoTess 12-18-2010 02:18 AM

yep, lets just hope that it come through. :D

HorseChic 12-18-2010 02:20 AM

hahah yeah, lol :D

PintoTess 12-18-2010 02:26 AM

i was just looking at this thread and realised how babyish and pathetic it is :/ i just thought to have a little fun and now i look like and idiot!! :D
oh well, life goes on, enter away!

HorseChic 12-18-2010 02:28 AM

oh well lol self confidence remember :D

PintoTess 12-18-2010 02:30 AM

Ok just have to remember:
"I AM proud to have a collection of model horses"
"I am NOT an idiot lol"

lol :D

HorseChic 12-18-2010 02:32 AM

hehe yep exactly :D

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