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amanda1996 12-18-2010 06:14 AM

PERRY'S Fat'n'up... is this a good feed?
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I have a 13 year old Thoroughbred gelding I bought last Christmas who was in awful condition physically, who I've fattened up a lot since I bought him, but he still needs some work on his topline. For most of this year I've treated him as follows:

-ridden once or twice per week.
-he was fed three times daily for three months
-for nine months fed 3-7 times per week (this is since his condition has been improved)

-was fed:
4 scoops oaten chaff
2 scoops Barastoc calm performer
1 scoop Microbarley
1 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp Gelatine (for his hooves)
lots of molasses

Sometimes this was fed three times a day.

I now see him about 4 times per week, and work him about 2 or 3 times per week.
Since his condition has seriously improved, naturally I've changed his feeding routine, and today I got him onto a new feed called Fat'N'Up, which is what the lady who works at the local produce store recommended to me, and she's a horse breeder. She suggested to feed him two scoops of that for the first week, and then ease to one scoop added to:

2 scoops Oaten chaff
1 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp salt
1 tsp gelatine

and I also usually cook a cup of oats and add that. Has anyone fed Fat'N'Up before? And if so, was it effective? I'd also like to hear feedback as to whether or not it appears my feeding and exercise routine will help Jed. Jed's usually lunged for about 30 minutes to one hour, and is then ridden for about an hour.
I'll attach some photos of him, the skinny photos are how he looked when I first bought him, the fatter ones are recent photos.

The very bottom photo was taken about a week ago, and the one just above it is about two months old, so even since then he's improved quite a bit.

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