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Cassilynne 03-29-2008 10:37 AM

Percheron or Percheron/Cross
I have a love for bigger breed horses, drafts, and draft crosses. I have taken a recent intrest in Percheron and Percheron crosses.

I want to know how much more would the feeding expenses be rather than owning a lighter horse?
What are the downfalls in draft horse, again, rather than a lighter horse?
Are larger breeds okay barefoot depending on how strong their hooves are, what ground I will be working on, and what disciplines my horse will work? I will mostly be working in the arena, maybe trail rides. Or should/would I be required to shoe my horse?

Pros and cons, Draft/Cross versus lighter horses? :)

JustDressageIt 03-29-2008 11:48 AM

Feeding costs will be more for a draft/draft cross than a lighter horse, but only if your draft is a big horse... some draft breeds are only around 15hh, and yes they eat more than a 15hh light breed, but do not eat more than a 17hh light horse.

As for the benefits and downfalls:
Draft breeds and especially draft crosses are not very expensive - which is great when you're buying, not so great when you're selling. Chances are if you buy 'em cheap, you won't make much of a profit when selling. For example, if you buy an untrained Warmblood for $5000 and train them up, you have a potential for profit, say if you get them showing 3' in shows and placing decently well, $20,000 is a reasonable price sticker.
But, if you buy an untrained Draft or Draft cross for $5000 (which is on the high side for an untrained Draft) and even if you get it to the same training level as a WB, I would expect around a $10,000 selling range.

Most Draft horses have very tough feet, and if they don't seem tender with light trail riding, I don't see any reason for them to be shod.

I hope I've helped!

Cassilynne 03-29-2008 12:05 PM

Thank you so much! That was very informative. I don't think the feeding costs will be much different then if I were to chose to get a draft/draft-cross, or a 16HH-17HH light horse, right? I am most confident on bigger horses than smaller, and I can handle it :) If I were to get a light horse it would be in the 16HH+range

Cheval 03-29-2008 12:38 PM

I think drafts have the cutest face, but yes, feeding costs will be more expensive, as JDI said.
I haven't really heard of them having that much heatlh problems; they're pretty sturdy horses.
Also, JDI pointed out that you can't make much of a profit. I think if this horse is going to be a horse that you'll sell, eventully, maybe look into another breed so you can make some money (well...that's never really possible in the equine world!).

Also, I don't know what your going to do (riding wise) but if you do English, Draft/TB's are really nice. (Generaly speaking) They have a great personality (from the draft) and a more athletic body (Thoroughbred).

Cassilynne 03-29-2008 12:51 PM

I am not looking to make any money off of horses, I HIGHLY doubt I will be selling my horse in the future, this horse will be for keeps so I have no need for worrying about reselling profit :) I will be riding English, I like the look and feel of it the best. I was trained first on Western but then switched right to English and it's much better. I will be riding just to ride, not competing. I might do trail rides here and there, maybe a little jumping? I will mostly do arena work, perfecting my riding :)

Should I look into a draft or a draft cross?

JustDressageIt 03-29-2008 04:46 PM

Since you're not looking to compete or do any big and bold training, I think you could get away with either a purebred draft or a cross, whichever you like better. Crosses are usually a TB cross, and tend to have a more refined body.
Good on you for giving a horse a forever home!

Cassilynne 03-29-2008 05:00 PM

:D I think deciding between purebred or cross will come down to the horse itself. I will check out both when it's time, and see which suits me better.

Thank you guys! You two have been alot of help :)

Samara 03-29-2008 07:12 PM

Hi- I have a draft cross (sire- belgian/percheron/mustang, dam- quarter horse). She is only 15'1 hands and she eats less grain than my quarab gelding. They require a different diet though- high fat/protien and low carb/sugar. therefore they should eat a grain that is formulated like that. Draft crosses make great sport horses. They are generally strong with high endurance but mellow. There are many Percherons available at various rescue sites especially PMU. That's how I got mine and she is turning out to be really great. Her picture is posted as my avatar right now. She is a blue roan. Hope this helps a little!

Cassilynne 03-29-2008 07:48 PM

Samara, she's BEAUTIFUL! :o

I have heard that they're easily trained and just love to please :D I have been looking into Draft/Crosses a little more today. I am doing my research on both purebred and cross. I think when I begin my search for a horse my price range could be up to maybe $2,000-$3,000. I love the sound of rescuing! :D

my2geldings 04-16-2008 09:00 PM

I adore draft crosses, as I own one myself. If you are serious about owning one I would strongly encourage finding someone who owns one, or a horse you could leave who is a draft cross.

They are a lot more difficult to navigate as well as are stronger to handle and their personalities are not comparable to most tbs or warmbloods.

Owning a draft cross is very specific to the rider's taste. You either like them or you hate them.

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