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Cheval 03-29-2008 02:19 PM

My lesson yesterday...
I know this is a really random subject, but I'm bored and it was a WEIRD lesson.
It was one of the lessons that was the hardest ride of my life, yet the best lesson of my life.
So, we started out doing walk/trot. Usally he's balky, but yesterday he has a nice, forward gaits and walked "out" of the mounting block. We went forwad, walked/trotted - no problem. I worked on my Eq., mainly all the things I need to work on. We went into a nice, steady canter and went over a tiny cross rail. So, we were coming around a corner and her litterly just took off and a few stirdes later threw the hugest buck my trainer ever saw him do (and keep in consideration that he was a little "bronc" before my trainer fixed him last summer). I obviously got launced, and got a road rash (it's brused and red...ew!) and cut up my hand a bit. My trainer was sunned and she didn't know he had that buck in him. Ha - she said (with her 30 plus years of riding experience) that she couldn't even has stayed on that.
Anyway, I got back on and went into the canter. Then, he decided to have another bucking fit and drop his shoulder (luckily I was prepared). He would not stop until tenish minutes later. He's such a brat, though! We got to jumping, where he had a few problems (he'll never stop, but he had a little bucking fit after a jump). Then, we jumped a little green gate. It was so fun, because he wasn't sure weather to jump it, but he did.
But my lesson was so great, because we worked on everything we needed to work on.
Thats about it.
Thanks if you read it.

buckaroo2010 03-29-2008 04:57 PM

wow! sounds like u had a ride of a lifetime! im sorry that you got cut up a little but luckly you got him to settle down in his lesson and you got him to jump that gate :) hope he is a good boy in your next lesson :D

Cheval 03-29-2008 10:15 PM


Kadiel 04-01-2008 07:02 AM

Do you think anything caused him to play up? Does he have a sore back or anything? If a horse starts bucking out of no where i would look into it just to be sure hes not lame at all.

Its really great you got to work on all thoes things though. Nice job! :D

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