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poultrygirl 12-20-2010 09:06 PM

What would you pay for this mare? And advice about how to make an offer?
I've been looking for months, and despite my fear of commitment (caused by people) and the attitude I've developed of "don't commit--something better could be right around the corner! dont buy that horse because then something more perfect will show up!" I've decided to make an attempt on buying a mare I looked at a few weeks ago.
The lady was asking $1500..But there's a few things that make me slightly reluctant to pay that. SO! HORSE PEOPLE OF THE FORUM, WHO HAVE WAY MORE EXPERIENCE THAN I DO AND HAVE SPENT MORE TIME HORSE SHOPPING/BUYING/SELLING...If you were looking at her...How much would you pay for this mare?
+Flashy tri color pinto
+Nice personality (not overly friendly, but she's been spoiled "roaming free" for awhile.)
+Bask bred (what am I seems like EVERY arab is bask related somewhere along the line.)

-500 MILE TRIP EACH WAY. It's going to cost the broke college student alot to either go get her or have some fellow equine enthusiast from Uship haul her here :lol:
-Hasn't been ridden consistently...In..oh...forever? She hadn't been ridden for two months when I got on her and she was a lil' fiesty but not bad all things considered (considering I was trying to direct rein her, and her friends were eating dinner and we took her way from it)
-Hasn't had shoes done in..forever
-Only trail ridden.
-Has lump on her side and one on her neck (likely scar tissue but the vet will check)
-Overweight (its cute but i wonder if it's healthy for her..)
-DOESN'T direct rein, only neck rein. Very unique :lol:
ANNNNNNNND...ACCORDING TO DREAMHORSE..SHE HAS BEEN FOR SALE SINCE APRIL OF 2009. I KNOW, I know, a red flag, but the ad had no pic, was incredibly tough to find, and the lady lives in a remote area, so that could be why. According the ad title (the lady removed the ad tonight...) "price reduced again" so apparently she started at above 1500 dollars.
The mare is 12 years old (13 in a few months), has had one baby, and the lady has had her since she was 4 years old.

How much should I offer? I didn't see OBO on the ad, but given how long she's been for sale..What would you offer on a mare with all this criteria?

OffTheTrack 12-20-2010 09:43 PM

Just look at your own have more "cons" then "pros"....why her then?

And $1500 is WAY too much these days...not sure how much...but surely no where near that much. And to travel and ship that far for a horse with more cons then pros seems like more money to spend. I can easily look in my area and find quite a few horses for less then $500...rideable, younger horses with training.

I know you have been looking for awhile...and I completely know how it is to want one and not have one but think about it. What are your reasonings for this horse? Beyond she is cute. Not $1500 cute.

Good luck.

poultrygirl 12-20-2010 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by OffTheTrack (Post 859016)
Just look at your own have more "cons" then "pros"....why her then?

horses for less then $500...rideable, younger horses with training.

I know you have been looking for awhile...and I completely know how it is to want one and not have one but think about it. What are your reasonings for this horse? Beyond she is cute. Not $1500 cute.

I live in Arizona, in a remote area, and there isn't much for sale close to here (that is to say, no arabs around here). The closest is about 2hrs away..and I've tried several, and none have been quite what I want. I loathe the fact you're somewhere where 500 will buy you something decent! Here 500 will generally buy you a baby, or a grade, or something that's not started. People seem to think in az they can get 3 grand when the horse market is not
The cons list is long, but I'm a pessimist and see the glass half empty. sometimes thats a good thing i guess. Pretty much all her con list i can fix. Shoes, a trim, daily riding, lessons and a bit more training, those area ll fixable. She has a nice attitude (definitely plus).
But I definitely don't think she's worth 1500. Not even close. What do you think the lowest I can offer is without being insulting?

equestrian 12-20-2010 10:01 PM

Just to give you some perspective, I just adopted my 6 year old TB gelding who is sound, safe, sane, gorgeous and started in dressage for $1500 which I will be able to write off on my taxes because they are a non profit organization.

Your cons list is SO much longer than the pros list. I think you're settling. Are there any rescues in your area? Bourbon was 4 hours away from me and I had someone on UShip ship him for me for $150.

poultrygirl 12-20-2010 10:06 PM

No rescues around here that want to part with an arab with papers. I live in a remote area. Well, not remote persay, but small town, 2hr minimum drive from anywhere BIG. I called my 4-H acquaintance who breeds arabs about a month ago...she never called back. She's the only local person i know of who might have something.
I've scoped every (seriously, every single one) craigslist in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado and Arizona. I've had wanted ads on the phx craigslist and the one locally. I search dreamhorse, horsetopia,, horse clicks, equine now several times a week.
There's a horse 30 mins away that has some...issues...that I am considering looking at, but I think she's most likely more than I could handle. That's as close as I've got around here.
Oh, and I've checked petfinder and talked to a rescue in the southern part of the state. Nope. Nothing in my criteria :(

equestrian 12-20-2010 10:31 PM

It still sounds like you're settling because you are tired of waiting and looking (totally understandable) and just want a horse right now. I would go with your gut on whether or not to get her, but I wouldn't pay more that $300 - $400 from the description you gave. Why are you so set on a Arab with papers?

flytobecat 12-20-2010 11:07 PM

I'ld have to agree with equestrian. Also, alot of people ask more for a horse in the hopes that it will deter horse traders. If they think the horse is going to a good home & the owner is a good fit, they will often come down on the price.

poultrygirl 12-20-2010 11:14 PM

My criteria isnt very long: arab or arab cross. Would prefer a mare. Between 3-13 years old. Must be be pretty much finished as I don't have the experience to do that (and hence that rules out most 3 year olds.). Must be suitable for a beginner/intermeidate rider. Be sound. Not a huge fan of grays, but wouldn't say no if it fit everything else. OH..AND the big one: college student on a budget. Would like to keep it around 1200 or less.
I just feel like a mare with good lines and papers,if somehting happens and she is no longer sound for riding, you can breed her and not have completely lost your investment.
A grade is a grade is a grade. YOu can never be 100 sure what they are.
And you seriously think 500-600 sounds decent? And not like a slap in the face? It would be awesome if I could get her for that.
Maybe you're right about me settling--I'm not sure if I am or not. I just know that to build my confidence and skill I need to be riding again. Daily. And she sounds like she fits that bill. And the breed criteria. And she's really cute (i'm so shallow. haha!) And riding is the best stress reliever from classes that I've ever found. Gives me a sense of accomplishment I've never quite felt. If that makes any sense.

equestrian 12-20-2010 11:38 PM

Why the breed criteria?

poultrygirl 12-20-2010 11:46 PM

I want an Arab.

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