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ShutUpJoe 12-23-2010 10:25 PM

Place My Mini Mare
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I'm looking to place my mini mare into another home.

Here's the deal. Alice is about 14 years old. I'm not completely sure about that though. She's about 38 inches. She has a dust allergy and doesn't do well in a stall all the time and can't have any dusty hay. She has also previously foundered and needs regular hoof care. She will test fence to see if she can squeeze under it. You have to keep a careful eye on her hooves because she gets balls of ice in them that prevent her from walking well. She has to have company or she'll pace and won't eat. BUT my Haflingers do not get along with her and are VERY pushy with her and she chases my Appaloosa gelding around (any marks from his chest down are from her). She's really not fitting in with my herd and I'm afraid she's going to get hurt or she's going to hurt Davinci. I asked my husband about separating her and getting another mini but we both agree that what's best for her is that she goes into a mini knowledgeable home. I really don't know what I'm doing with her and adding another mini might just cause more problems.

You heard the bad, now on to the good. She leads, loads, ties, stands for farrier and is very sweet. She'll let my kids lead her and pick up her feet. We've walked her around the block and taken her to the park. She isn't afraid of cars driving by, dogs, cats, kids or anything. I wouldn't recommend her for pony rides. I'll admit that I did lead my kids around on her for a short brief very short period of time and she did fine but I just think she is too small for it and haven't done it since. She's also got a very cute personality.

When I got her she was a good thirty pounds underweight and had up turned hooves. I've put some weight on her and have had the farrier out a few times trying to straighten her hooves out. He said that she has almost no frog and has foundered before on all four hooves but she should do okay as long as her hooves are kept up. I would keep her but I don't feel this situation suits her and I feel that no matter what I do she'll be miserable. She gets kicked out of the run in by my mares. She won't leave her blanket on. So she just ends up standing out in the cold. She can't stay in her stall because of her dust allergy and if she's away from the other horses she frets. It's kind of lose lose and I'm at wits end.

Because of the economy and her issues I'm willing to place her in a home for free. I would really like a home that knows about minis, has some minis to keep her company and is okay with her issues. I'd also like whoever got her to bring her back to me if anything were to happen to where she couldn't stay with them any longer so that I can keep track of her.

ShutUpJoe 12-28-2010 10:35 PM

Alice has found a home : )

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