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Kyani 03-30-2008 02:34 PM

Horse Trials - XC and showjumping
Since I experienced my first REAL day of spring for this year today (blue skies AND it didn't drop below zero!), I got to thinking about summer at last! I had a trawl through my photos and thought I'd post some from Great Tew horse trials (in Oxfordshire) which I went to last summer (just as a spectator!).
Crossposted heavily in other forums, so sorry if you've seen before.
They were taken with my little compact, so not too hot, but enjoy!

XC first - I got at least one of each fence, but I'll restrain myself from posting them all!

Fence 1

Fence 2

Fence 3 - they had a bit of an 'oops!' moment and she got left behind, but she gave him as much rein as she could upon landing, and apologised SO much to him as they galloped past us - it was really sweet!

Fence 5 - my favourite of the day!

Fence 6

Fence 7A, the drop - this girl REALLY didnt expect her horse to go, she was so shocked!

Fence 7B - on a sharp turn from the drop

Fence 8 - this one was big and scary, and downhill!

Fence 10A - fun little house!

It was a lovely course, with spectacular views! Really recommend it for UK spectators.

Fence 13A - down into a dip; pick up those feeties!

Random galloping shot

Coming out of the water complex

Got a nice video of that too! But I don't know if it'll work here...

Now for some showjumping: these are mostly taken during a class specially put on for very young jumpers (5/6 yrs) as their first event so it's a bit full of babies jumping...less than stylishly. Bless.


This is the same pair as in the 'oops!' moment

Bit close - yes, they did get over!

This is kinda mean, but I think her face is hilarious

And a few of the more experienced horses

Thanks for looking!

Cheval 03-30-2008 02:45 PM

Woah, you take beautiful shots.

JustDressageIt 03-30-2008 06:06 PM

Gorgeous photos!!!

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