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Ak1 12-27-2010 05:54 PM

Need To Create Good Diet for My WB...
I've never really had to put much into a horse's diet, but my newest recently caused my trainer to slip apassing comment of , "Ya, well I think you should just put some time into making a good diet for her". BAM! That just hit me and I thought I'd see what you guys thought!

She's 17.2/3 , 9yyear old Holsteiner. (1400 lbs. not heavy, just actually filling back out. She was undernourished before at 1100). Bay and very calm temperment so she doesn't need any calmers. She's currently out of shape and has been for a while, and I'm bringing her back into work and about to start a big training plan and show season (don't worry- not rushed work.. I'll take my time)
Also, I would like to somehow incorperate a coat enhancement as she's very thin skinned and I'd like to shine up her coat even more. Also a hoof supplement as she's not shod in the back as of now.

Any other suggestions on things to incorperate or an idea, please let me know!

Right now she's on a plain sweet grain and haystretcher pellets and about a bale to a bale and a half a day. (If the weather is bad she stays in an just gets some extra hay)

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