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heidir 12-27-2010 11:55 PM

Bone Spur
Hi - I have a 14.3 hand mare, barrel mare who came up lame about a year ago. After much debate and time off, finally went to a vet once solid shoeing and rest didn't fix her issue. She has a bone spur on her right front navicular (I think, i'm getting the x-rays back to confirm again). She then went for corrective shoeing and we are about 6 months into that, the spur hasn't moved or grown since original x-rays were taken, but she has since started to refuse to bend to the left, and won't lope that direction. Is there anything I can do aside from corrective shoeing to get her sound? She has rockers on with a bar on the right front and regular balance shoes on the backs.
Do the spur removal supps really work? Should she have a pad on? What else can I do to make her comfortable and usable?
Thanks for all your help.

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