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TheRoughrider21 12-27-2010 11:42 PM

Looking back on the year
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I was going through some of Lakota's pictures and it got me thinking about how he was when I first met him to how he is now.

When I first got him, he wouldn't let me catch him. He would turn his butt to me and walk away from me if I got near his head. Now he walks/runs up to me in the pasture just from seeing me.

He was a bucky, run-away-with-the-bit little bugger. Now he hasn't bucked in 2 months and he's getting better on giving to the bit and responding to it.

You couldn't get within 5 feet of him with a spray bottle before he would freak one occasion spinning out of the cross-ties to get away from it. Now I can spray his mane, tail, and from his ears down to his shoulders without him moving.

He was impatient in the cross-ties, constantly moving and swinging side-to-side, stepping on your feet, and just geing a nusiance. Now I can leave him in the cross-ties by himself for a few minutes without him moving.

There's tons of other little things he's improved on too but those are just the main things. I'm so proud of how far he's come in only 5 months and just wanted to share with people who understand my joy. <3 Here's a photo of me and him just forthe sake of it. =)

Endiku 12-31-2010 04:34 PM

Fantastic! It sounds like your boy has come quite a ways with listening to and trusting you. He's absolutely beautiful. I too, have made a lot of progress with my mare this year- and it is very nice to step back and look at all that has happened, isn't it? Great job, and I'm sure you guys will come even further this year!

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