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mmason1017 12-28-2010 09:12 PM

Advice Anyone??
1. I am considering half leasing my horse to a barn that can use her for their lesson program to help cover her expenses. What are the pros/cons of doing that?

2. 11 year old never been broken, trailered, or left the farm she was born at Horse lol... What do I do with her? Owners want to put her down cuz she is dangerous, but she is healthy and it seems like a crime to do that.

tinyliny 12-28-2010 09:54 PM


Are those descriptions applying to the same horse? If so, why would a lesson program want a horse that is untrained and considered dangerous? If this is so, you had better have an iron clad legal agreement that absolves you of liability. Sounds odd to me.

mmason1017 12-28-2010 09:58 PM

no, two different horses.

Saskia 12-28-2010 10:13 PM

1. I wouldn't lease my horse to a riding school, and I doubt I would ever sell to one either. This is because generally it isn't the greatest life for the horse. This is just my experience but the riders are generally very heavy handed, kick a lot, very dependent on whips, reef the horses heads around. They are given the same food (even if its not the best for them), a bit is just put on the horse, practically any saddle is just thrown on. The horses rarely play up because they are so tired from all the work. I can understand why that happens, because it is a business, and the horses are just part of the service offered. It may be a better life for some horses but I would not ever send my horse to a riding school. I would lease to someone who is going to care for it, be aware of its needs etc, but not a business.

2. This is why backyard breeders are bad. I'd work with her at the farm. I presume she is halter broken? If so it should be just like teaching any other horse to load. If the owners consider her dangerous perhaps this is due to lack of handling or poor ground manners? Be aware and perhaps do a fair bit of groundwork. Though I'd avoid it, there are people who herd unhandled horses onto trucks, drive them to their new home, unload them in a small yard and work them there. The first step is moving her to where ever you want her to be. Then just start from the ground up.

Zeke 12-28-2010 10:45 PM

I think Saskia is a bit too hard on lesson barns. I know of one in my area who treated their horses poorly but know of many who actually treat the horses very well. In fact I work closely with one who does not allow students to use whips or spurs unless closely watched and taught to do so properly, even then it's rare. The riders are also heavily schooled hands free on the lunge line to avoid heavy handedness. Each horse has a specialized supplement program they are fed each day, and while some horses get similar additives it's far from "all the same". Each horse also has their very own bridle with a bit that is appropriate for them. Yes, saddles are a toughy, so I cannot vouch each one is a perfect fit for each horse we. Have many flexible synthetics and treeless saddles though.

You CAN find a program who will treat your horse with much love and care you just have to do your homework and maybe stop in from time to time. I would suggest watching some lessons at the place before entering the lease and then watch a lesson starring your horse. I'll say as cons though, many horses learn to have a couple small bad habits ( not listening to riders because beginners can be timid, usually easily fixed however) others get bored of the same easy routine and having to "babysit" newcomers. All of this can be easily monitored and prevented if you notice your horse becoming unhappy.
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Eta: before entering the lease inform the trainer of your horses special needs (feed, shoes, meds etc) and make sure they're wiling to follow your rules. If you have a second saddle and can trust the trainer you can allow your tack to be used to keep things easy for your horse ? Or approve the tack that would bs used.

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