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Alcatrazjmpr 12-28-2010 09:25 PM

Does this horse look familiar to anyone? Last known owner in VT.
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I just want to know he is ok. I will give some background, my trainer rescued him from the auction extremely underweight and pretty terrified of being ridden. He had a gash across his back as well. She gave him to me that summer to be my project, thinking that once he was fat and better we could do some training and he could be sold. Well, it took a the summer for me just to get him to trust me and flat normally, a year later I was the only one who could ride him without him taking off. She offered to give him to me, I had another horse and could not afford two. Another girl at my barn then took him and abandoned him a few months later. He then got kicked in the hock, which he still has a scar from, it was down to the bone. Once he healed up, my trainer needed him to go, it was a mouth to feed without any income, a friend a friend in Vermont took him and made him into a babysitter for foals and had him go out on advanced trail rides. For the first couple of years they kept in touch when I emailed them and they seemed to really like him. Then the responses stopped and I was told they had sold him. I said I would take him back or find him a home had they not wanted him anymore. Anyway, I would like to know if he is safe, I have always felt guilty for not being able to keep him and think about him a lot. I would just like to know where he is, hopefully safe and happy. We called him Red, but they changed his name to Rodney.

Here are some pictures, sorry for the novel. They aren't the best photos but they are what I have.

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