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alexischristina 12-30-2010 05:29 AM

Horse Overload
We might be picking up another horse, and even though I don't know if we can totally handle it, I really think it's worth it. She's really what we 'need' right now- we have three horses, my sisters pony who is really too small for me to ride on a regular basis and a broke, gaited brood mare that my sister plods around on for fun. Our show pony that my sister and I are both trying to prepare for the show season on- not working, we're fighting over riding days, and Tango, my gelding who is currently waiting to be put into training and for now is more of a problem than I can handle on my own.
The mare is (according to the ad) well broke, sound, quiet with lots of show miles. Perfect? Yes. This way my sister and I will be able to compete on different horses, I'll be able to advance on a horse that's bigger and thus a bit more comfortable for me (I'm not very tall, but I still feel odd competing against all these WB's on my POA) and we have a sensible mount that I'd trust to carry friends and family.
The catch?
She's free- not really a problem, but my mom refuses to believe it can be a good thing. The owners are "selling" because of a forced move and personal issues, which, with the state of the economy isn't too far fetched, and considering the home checks, etc. that they want and that they're selling through a trainer, it does seem very legit.

I'm kind of afraid that we'll get overwhelmed, both my sister and I working two horses... but I recently quit my second job so I definitely have time, and with my other job I'm able to contribute a fair bit to the feed bill, to cover most of hers (new horse) and some of Tango's, which is more than I was doing before to help out with the finances.

Of course, if we do go through with it we'll get a vet check (I'll pay for) and a few test rides and hopefully a trial period, but I have a very good feeling about this horse. From the pictures she looks very willing and very happy with her job, which will be very refreshing. Right now dealing with Tango and fighting over riding time makes the pleasure part of horses more of a chore than the chores are, and it would be a very nice stress relief.

This was kinda a pointless vent, give opinions if you wish! And perhaps insight on if it sounds 'too good to be true' and what precautions I should take?
Thanks for reading!

CharliGirl 12-30-2010 01:08 PM

Yes, definitely get a vet check. I would also try to see if you could get some information on the trainer, just to be safe. You can never be too careful these days!

If you are worried about getting stretched between too many horses, why not try to sell or lease out one of the horses you aren't using very often?

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