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ShutUpJoe 01-01-2011 07:24 PM

Horses Coming In
My favorite part of the day : )

(don't mind the mud, we had snow, it got warm = lots of mud)

tinyliny 01-01-2011 08:36 PM

I love the whinneys! So cute. What kind of horse are the big ones? Hafflinger? But they seem heavier.

ShutUpJoe 01-01-2011 08:38 PM

They're my Haflingers. I was told by her last owner that Annalie is 13.3, I think she's 14. Willow is only 12.3 or so.

SugarPlumLove 01-02-2011 03:44 PM

haha 'no don't eat my camera!' :P

These are my horses coming in!

ShutUpJoe 01-02-2011 04:44 PM

That little one is so cute! "Give me some hay or I'll kick ya"

equiniphile 01-02-2011 05:26 PM

You're in ohio too, isn't this sudden melting terrible?? My pastures are all muddy and gross!

ShutUpJoe 01-02-2011 05:44 PM

It's all frozen mud now. Can't ride in this stuff, with the wind and ground. I got so bored I took Willow for a walk around the block like a dog.

SugarPlumLove 01-03-2011 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by ShutUpJoe (Post 873364)
That little one is so cute! "Give me some hay or I'll kick ya"

haha I know! Thats Corona our latest addition shes still a foal

musicalmarie1 01-03-2011 10:22 PM

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awwww! What a couple of cute rolly pollies!! I love them! I've just got to teach my horses to come when I yell at them. One of them does cause she likes grain. The other is only 9 months old and doesn't quite appreciate grain yet, so he just stands in the middle of the field and watches. Goober.

MacabreMikolaj 01-03-2011 10:31 PM

Awwwww that's so awesome! I miss that so much - my grandpa used to run his herd of Arabs in a 60 acre pasture of mostly forest with interconnecting fields, and all you had to do was walk into the main field and whistle or holler. He'd have anywhere from 5-10 horses at a time, and you could feel the ground shake as they came galloping in, trying to listen for which direction they were coming from and having them just explode from a random trail winding out of the forest, straight for you at a dead run.

I wish so bad I could have gotten a video of it, but this was very much before the time of digital cameras! :lol:

Wicked vid, thanks for sharing!

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