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NicoleSich04 01-01-2011 10:10 PM

Question about Suspensory Ligament Injuries?
Well here is some information on what has been going on. I have a 13yr old Quarter Horse who has never been lame a day in his life. This last year has been chaos. It all started when he pulled a shoe in the mud, which tore off part of his hoof. Ever since then he has been lame on and off again on that leg (left front). A couple weeks ago I had my farrier look at him. He did hoof testers and there was no response. He trimmed him differently, he wears natural balance shoes with the square toes. But the trimming didn't make any change. I think he problem doesn't have to do with his hoof but his leg. I think he may off sprained his high suspensory ligament. He fits the profile for it.

“But I swear he was lame yesterday Doc!” Such are the words often proclaimed by frustrated owners of horses that show non-resolving intermittent lameness. Frequently I am presented with a horse that has had variable amounts of lameness over a course of time with no obvious source of heat, pain or swelling. The horse seems to show improvement with shoeing changes, anti-inflammatory therapy and work changes but in the end still comes up unpredictability lame. When the defining characterization of the lameness is that it is unpredictable, then I place high suspensory ligament injury at the top of my list of suspect causes.

High Suspensory Ligament Injuries in Horses

That leg did swell a while back. He had a small cut on his knee and I put an ointment on it and I thought he just had a reaction to the ointment but I am thinking now that it could have been swelling due to his injury. The swelling took about a week to go down.

This has been going on for about three months now. I am making appointment to have an ultrasound done.

Have you guys ever experiences anything like this before? Any input would be helpful.

Right now he is on stall rest and I have been using Sore No More Ligament and have been wrapping him in standing wraps.

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