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LittleFish 01-02-2011 01:32 PM

Jumping Critique
Please Critique my mare Cas over the jumps. This was the second time that she has ever been jumped under saddle, I have worked her over jumps one the ground for the past 3 months.

This was also her first time over more than a cross rail.

If you critique her form and everything that would be wonderful, cause I do not know anything about jumping. Please don't critique the rider, in less she is drasticly hindering her jumping, as that is not me riding and it was the first time the girl had ever even seen Cas.
Thanks so much!

Sorry the pictures are so blurry, they are screenshots.

equiniphile 01-02-2011 01:43 PM

I know you said not to critique the rider, but in the second screenshot she lost the tablility of her lower leg, and her position fell apart, she needs to really keep a stable leg so her upper body doesn't have to reach much on her own. I also see a constant bumping of the heel behind the girth, I don't know if this is because the horse is lazy, wants to stop in front of the jumps as is sometimes normal in a green jumper, or if it's an ingrained habit for the rider to bump the horse constantly. Just stuck out to me, is all.

The horse looks cute over jumps :D. He's still pretty wobbly and uncoordinated, but with time he'll be more confident in his jumping and everything else will fall together. He's really cute, I look forward to seeing more videos of him!

MyBoyPuck 01-02-2011 05:30 PM

While he seems a bit timid about jumping, he looks like he might like it once he has a rider on him who isn't falling on his neck. Despite some ineffective riding, he still jumped everything instead of running out which is always a good first sign. Horse gave the jumps room to spare and got his knees up relatively well. I'm sure he could do the lower level stuff no problem.

Oxer 01-02-2011 05:44 PM

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i think this mare has a nice amount of scope!
i also think it would help the horse a bit if the rider could get straight to the fence.
the horses ears are very telling about how she feels about the riders position.

Bluemoonlvr 01-02-2011 06:56 PM

I think she is very cute(: But I think what you should work on is try keeping her straight with your leg instead of the rein and just use your leg at the base of the jump. Your horse is also very cute (:

LoveTheSaddlebreds 01-02-2011 08:46 PM

Everything I saw has already been said... except I don't like that you said you've been working with her jumping, and yet you "do not know anything about jumping" even though your work has been from the ground, the fact you don't have any knowledge about jumping worries me.

pepperduck 01-02-2011 09:23 PM

She looks like she has a lot of potential. If this is your horse I would not allow this rider to ride her over fences. If this is her second time jumping she needs an experienced rider... or at least one that knows her diagonals :). Your horse is beautiful and she will come along wonderfully with the right training. Trot poles will help with keeping consistency for her, and personally I wouldn't be jumping her over the barrels until she can ride straight in and out of a cross rail, but that's just my opinion.

Good luck with her!

ErikaLynn 01-03-2011 10:47 AM

The horse has a nice jump, except her knees need to be even.

The person riding this horse is making her very unhappy while jumping. Her ears are back while she is going over the jump, I'm guessing, because she is too floppy and her leg is sliding back and her heal is hitting the horse in a place that is really uncomfortable for her.

I would suggest maybe finding another rider, one with a stronger leg, to ride this horse. She is drastically hindering this horses jumping ability

sarahver 01-03-2011 10:59 AM

Really cute horse with pretty good form considering she is green over the jumps. She will jump a lot better if she has more active gaits toward the jump itself. Her knees are not bad for a horse that is still learning and that will improve even more with time and training, I think she will make a great little jumper!

I realise it was the riders first time and we are not to critique however with a horse that is learning to jump it can be easy to make them sour through incorrect riding. The rider is doing her best and I understand that, however for your little horses sake I would look for a rider with more experience over fences, particularly with green horses that are still learning.

ETA: I just noticed that there are quite a few of us with similar comments about the rider so I apologise for that as I know you distinctly stated you didn't want that. The thing is that it is very hard to separate horse and rider in a critique as the horse is simply a reflection of the rider. Therefore the faults that may be seen in the horse are most likely coming from the saddle and are therefore not truly faults of the horse so it becomes hard to critique the horse alone. Hope you are not too offended.

drizzy 01-03-2011 06:51 PM

She's wiggly! But she goes around really nice, did she used to go western?
She's not balanced coming out of her corners which is making her approach difficult, and she doesn't take off square. Which putting ground poles a stride before the jump and grid work would help her. This would also help her with finding her spots from the video it actually looks like shes trying to look for them some times by moving her head! hahaha. With just a little more work I think she'd be a cute little jumper.
I'd say not bad at all for only her second time jumping!

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