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AllThePrettyHorses 01-02-2011 05:40 PM

Sudden Behaviour Change in Both Horses
This probably isn't the right forum to put this in, but I'd like some opinions on what could have caused this..

Mine and my sister's horse go out together during the day, and usually they're pretty quiet. Tonight, however, when I went to let them in, I found my sister's horse jumping around at the gate, rearing and being stupid. I've never seen her doing anything like that, but I continued on and let them in. Sister's horse dove right inside and began hopping/rearing around her pen, which I found odd, but left her and took my horse outside. I figured the problem was only with my sister's mare, but bringing my own horse out revealed that both were indeed wound up-my horse just contained herself better. Mine wasn't rearing or anything, but she was trying to barge ahead as I walked her, and was prancing around when I tied her at the hitching rail...neither of which is normal, as I'm sure you've guessed.

I'm thinking that it could be the weather that has them off balance-the last few days have been rainy and warm, and then all of a sudden again today it's cold and snowy, but at the beginning of winter when snow first hit they didn't react this way. Apart from that, there's nothing really I can see that would set them off so. Do you think it could be the weather? I hope they'll be back to normal soon enough..

MyBoyPuck 01-02-2011 10:18 PM

Any coyotes, bears, cats nearby? Sounds like they probably got a whiff of something. Sudden temperature change can do it too. Hopefully tomorrow they'll be back to normal.

cakemom 01-02-2011 10:24 PM

That's how my mare acts when she hears the coyotes in the neighboring field. I'd be keeping an eye out.
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mom2pride 01-02-2011 11:21 PM

I would think it's something in the air they are catching the scent of; perhaps a wild animal, some dead critter, or something along that lines. You could also have a pack of neighborhood dogs running around, and those are nothing to mess with, either, and your horses will know this. Perhaps there is going to be a bad weather change, as well, and they don't like the feel. I would just keep my eyes and ears peeled, especially if anything could potentially get IN to your barn.

AllThePrettyHorses 01-03-2011 09:55 AM could be coyotes, but the horses hear them yowling every night-you'd think they'd be used to it? Usually coyotes, foxes etc don't come up this close to the house/barn with the lights and dogs around. It could be another animal they've never seen/heard/smelled before...maybe wolves? We've never had cougars or anything in our immediate area-I find it hard to picture a cougar slinking around over wide-open, flat fields. Anyways, I'll keep my eyes open.

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