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ladybugsgirl 01-03-2011 10:14 PM

So I got my horse in July and moved her to a friends moms house. While she was there the owners of the property didn't feed the horses and my horse being a TB has some issues with keeping weight on got really skinny. So I moved my horse to another area bought two ton of hay and she gets free choice 24/7. Well the other boarder got in my face about how I need to get my horse out of there and take my hay and leave. Well first thing first the actually owner of the property has no problem with me being out there. The boarder is just trying to cause alot of trouble. Well part of the reason he is so mad is because I won't sleep with him...hes gross. I am sick of the drama and being called names so I found a place I can move my horse to that well be in the town where I live and she well get regular care. I well be working off her board. I am so happy it really depresses me to not see her everyday or to ride as much as I use to. I am just sooo extremely greatful that someone would go out of there way to help me. We are both going to help each other out. I well help her with her horses when she is gone and she well care for my horse...

A knack for horses 01-03-2011 10:25 PM

Good for you finding a new place for your horse. I hope this place is a lot better than the last two.

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