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Adenfire 01-04-2011 12:22 AM

Help, mare avoids the bit...
I posted this in the driving thread but thought more then 1 place couldn't hurt.

I have a 4 year old, super skittish mare that I'm trying to get in harness slowly...very very slowly. While she's taken everything well considering she's scared of her own shadow...Except the bit. She's 1. a tongue roller and 2 she LOVES to get her tongue over the bit then gag herself with it! I started her in a regular half cheek broken snaffle and switched to a french link snaffle, then a myler with the broken part covered with a roller so it's more solid then the others. Anyway so far switching bits hasn't worked, I've tightened the her cavesson and tried to work her up into using the bit. I've worked her with just the bit in her mouth and did groundwork with it just there so she could play with it. I'm at a loss, any ideas. I want to show her so NOT using a bit is outta the question...

mbender 01-04-2011 07:19 AM

She's young. Is this the first time she's had a bit in her mouth?
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Adenfire 01-04-2011 06:02 PM

no i've been working with her for over a year...if we're just hanging around and doing ground work then she's fine with the bit...but a soon as there's ANY pressure what so ever she tries to get her tongue over it. She's naturally skittish, it took almost 2 months for her to even be okay with the harness on her without bucking or fighting at all...the bit's just taken so much's frustrating.

Scoutrider 01-04-2011 07:44 PM

How are her teeth? Painful teeth can cause a lot of bit and mouth issues.

Adenfire 01-04-2011 09:42 PM

that's what i'm thinking it might be, she should be havin her teeth done end of this we'll see

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