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Snookeys 01-07-2011 03:11 AM

Will her behavior change when she leaves mom?
My friend has raised this filly since birth - she is now 4 years old. She only left the property once as a weanling when she hurt her leg. Other than that, she has been on the same property and always had her mom around. She is one of those horses that was spoiled as a baby and doesn't take people seriously, but she'll let you do what you want with her, albeit stubbornly. She is curious, in-your-pocket, but I wouldn't consider her friendly (although she isn't aggressive...). Hope that makes sense? She is very dominant in the pasture as far as chasing horses off and starting stuff; but the second a horse stands up to her (even pins its ears or swishes its tail) she calls it quits.

Breaking her out was easy, she never offered to buck or rear or anything; but now she is for sale and my concerns are as such: once she leaves the property and no longer has mom around, will she change? Will her pasture aggressiveness get better, or worse? Will she be unmanageable? She still nickers to mom if she can't see her, although she won't drag you around or go crazy if she isn't in sight. I just worry that once she gets off the property she will turn into a different horse. I can see her being out of sorts for a week or so, but will it REALLY affect her?

Opinions are appreciated.

tinyliny 01-07-2011 03:49 AM

I bet she will adapt after being loco for a bit. She may glom onto another kind mare or gelding. It's time for her to come to reality and get a job!

Snookeys 01-10-2011 01:36 AM

She left Sunday morning and her new owner said she adjusted just fine. I figured it would be one extreme or the other -- turns out it was the good end! :)

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