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MaggiStar 01-07-2011 08:38 AM

Swollen fetlock
So on Tuesday i took Mag out on a charity run she was fully booted all round and it was not superd upper taxing as the going was deep. SHe was fine when we got home and i hosed her off checked her legs etc.
On Wed i took her out and she was severly lame keeping weight off the left fore and toe pointing. I cold hosed her for 20mins on the swelling. On eaxh sode of the fetlock joint there is two puffy lumos which are very painful to touch( they are in a similar place to where windpuffs would be on the hind) so i called my vet and explained it to him as i am thinking ligaments could be damaged. He said cold hose and rest her with some hand walking to move fluid.
I cold hosed 4times for twenty mins and hand walked her for 20mins. I have doubled her bed to encourage her to lie down cut out hard feed. At this point i dont want to give her bute as i want her totake it handy.
Thurs i did the same thing again keeping her quiet and hosing her after a few mins alking it seems to loosen up and she is no longer as sore.

TOday i went out and the swelling has moved up to the tendon it runs the length of it and was hot to touch the swelling around the pastern is larger and firmer.
I took her down to a free flowing stream and stood her in knee high water for 40mins which seemed to bring the swelling right down and worked great just the two pastern lumos were left but smaller then waht they were.

I rang my vet and explained it to him again as i am worried with the swelling moving up. He replied "ye thats not supposed to happen just keep doing what your doing for another two to three days if nothing changes we will bring her down for a scan"
Am i right in being concerned about this as my vet is apparently not. IS there any more i can do or has anyone had any experience wiht this?

mbender 01-07-2011 10:07 AM

Continue to hose. Its bute or banemine that helps with the swelling. I would give it to her but maybe not excersise her as much.?
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