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Shoney 01-07-2011 08:51 PM

Hello from Ohio!
Hey all :) I'm Shoney [Melissa lol]...
Just figured I'd pop in and say heyy before starting to post. A quick background... lol
I'm 14 [15 in March] and have been riding since I was 5. I was H/J, but now I'm on my own and doing mounted games. I own my own pony, and pay for half her board so she's very important to me. Her name is of course, Shoney. She's registered with Paint Horse, but she's a solid bay :shock: of course. A funky stripe and two hind socks. She's my baby and I don't know what I'd do without her. 14.2ish and a really big puppy dog. She'll follow me around the barns and just be adorable... she's always a favorite at the barns. I board at a saddleseat barn :shock: so we stand out.. I love coordinating outfits lol.
Anyways, we do mounted games, started in May '10. I just got my vault down, and Shoney is learning the ropes slowly but surely. She was a h/j pony but we're better off gaming.. we love speed and hunters do not equal speed. I've never taken a formal gaming lesson, but I'm going to my first competition tommorow morning. :D:D:D SOO excited lol. Borrowing a pony, but oh well. I don't have my own trailer so getting places is hard.
Well, I'm a freshman in high school, cp classes and everything, totally not ready for exams... Gah. Well I'm rambling now, but just wanted to pop in and say hey to everyone.
And if there are mounted gamers out there, post or message me or whatever adn we can chat! :)

GreyRay 01-07-2011 08:54 PM

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ShutUpJoe 01-08-2011 12:07 AM

Hello and welcome from New Lebanon, Ohio : )

Reiterin 01-11-2011 07:16 PM

welcome to the forum. hope the gaming show went well.

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