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HorsesAreForever 04-02-2008 09:03 PM

Can you guys pleaseee help!! Major problem.
Ok well i rode my horse sunday and it was the worse ride of my life!! She was rearing and throwing her head and then she would be fine! then just randomly BOOM she galloped off well she wouldnt stop even tho there wasnt a foot left of the reins from my hands to her mouth! well i tryed to turn her and she turned to sharply and i lost my balence and i came off well my foot was still in the stirrups and i got dragged a while!! Well i went to see her today and my trainer rode her before me and she was fine no rearing no head throwing no galloping walk trot canter perfect. well i was getting up on her and i just froze! i freaked and ive been on a horse thats took off before and i was fine. but even my trainer said that shes never seen me like this in the 8 yrs shes been teaching me to ride. I mean i got up in the saddle and froze tensed up and she started throwing her head and rearing i think she knew i was scared. And i know if i get on a diff horse i could go canter off in the feilds with out worries. What should i do! When i got home i just couldnt figure out why i freaked usually i dont even when i got ran over by a horse i was fine and got over it. please please reply.

FGRanch 04-02-2008 09:15 PM

HAF if the horse is only doing this with you then I would think that it must be something you are doing. Can you have an experienced horse person watch you ride and tell you if you are doing anything wrong? It could be something so simple. Me and Kita when thru a stage where she would rear, so I had my husband watch me riding her and sure enough I was making a mistake. It wan't Kita at all. Most of the time that horses have an issues is actally because of their owner/handler. I'm not saying that you are a bad rider, but everyone makes mistakes. And if you are timid with her it is only going to make matters worse. Trying working her on the ground more, get used to her again. She is still a young horse and she needs training be patient with her.

Just our of curiosity why do you not get a older, been there, done that horse?

HorsesAreForever 04-02-2008 09:25 PM

ok my trainer is an exsperience rider [shown and won a TON] and she watches me ride a lot and her and I KNOW when she took off i wasnt doing anything wrong and i know today she was rearing cause i was tense cause of what happened all i want to know is how can i get over freezeing up when i get up on her. the day she took off she was just over excited but ya and ive had a been there done that horse and ive had 8 yrs of exsperence with riding and it was boring there was nothing to fix or work with lol

FGRanch 04-02-2008 10:50 PM

HAF if you want my honest opinion. I don't think you are ready to train a horse. You have had problems with your last two horses. Now I'm not trying to sound mean but maybe it's best for both you and the horses if you get a horse with more training. Not necessarly a been there done that horse but a horse with all the basics that you can just put the minor finishing touches on.

And if you find well broke horses boring what are you going to do when Chance is finished? Sell her? Trade her for a grennie? I mean I enjoy riding horses weather they are finished show horses or my greenies. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

And I really don't care if your "trainer" has showen and placed. That does not mean that she knows how to train a horse. All that tells me is that she knows how to ride.

JustDressageIt 04-02-2008 11:04 PM

Sorry, HAF, but I have to go with FGR on this one; if Chance didn't do anything wrong with your trainer on her, then by ruling things out, there must be something that is up between you and her.

For the stopping - try turning her in a tight circle if she bolts - drop one rein and make her spin into a small circle.

If she's tossing her head and rearing - well, don't let her get out of work - punish her for being bad by making her go forwards, do lateral work... just something other than rearing. Trick is to get her working hard the moment you feel her start to act up.
Your horse should stay in a collected frame all the time - correct it immediately if she comes out of it. If she starts to get out from being bent to the right direction, correct it. Any foot she puts wrong, correct it - don't let her think for a second she has any chance of getting away with anything.

Greenies are tough to deal with, which is why it takes a very experienced hand to being them along; Chance is at a very impressionable age, so you have to be very firm in what is right and wrong.

As for the freezing up, don't worry about it - we all do that once in a while... you just have to shake it off and get ready for the next round - unfortunately with a young horse you're going to have good days and bad, but with time and training the good will soon outnumber the bad.
I would suggest sitting down for 5 minutes before each ride and imagine yourself going through a perfect ride - don't let anything go wrong in your mind, then take 5 deep breaths and go for a great ride! It's amazing what positive thinking can do!

.Delete. 04-03-2008 08:43 AM

Re: Can you guys pleaseee help!! Major problem.

Originally Posted by HorsesAreForever
i freaked .

That could be one of your problems. You panic, in any situation it automatically because many times worse.

SonnyWimps 04-03-2008 08:44 AM

I'm agreeing with JDI and FGR on this also.

Sounds like there is an issue between you and Chance, since you said your trainer could ride her fine. Like JDI said, do lots of LOTS of circles, the moment you feel her acting up pull her in a tight circle and get the attention back on you.

Also like JDI said, we all freeze up once in a while. Just when you do, take a deep breath and continue on

PrintMeInColor 04-03-2008 11:19 AM

A horse that randomly does that can be in pain or ill.

-back problems
- inside their body problems
- legs hurts
- sore muscles.

And green horses can easier to get problems like that.

Suddenly they have started their training.
They get a saddle on that might hurt their back.
They have to train and use new muscles that they might not have used. They have pretty much been out of anything that will be called a training.
It's just like if you put a horse out in a field for some years (3 maby)
and then take it back in and start riding it.
The horse isn't going to be ready in just few weeks.
They will have to train their muscles again.

Almost everytime it's the riders fault. We are almost allways the ones that are making mistakes. Sadly but yes.
While riding a horse we give them lots of signals. Turn her, do that, slow down, go faster ect ect.
With young horses it's allways harder then full trained.
They don't know those signals. We have to teach them, and show them and make them understand that when we push our leg her then we want the horse to do this and that. It can take alot of time teaching it.
Also if we give the horse a signal that might say turn or something and they don't know it, they don't feel save anymore. If the horse doesn't feel save or it is sceared, it will do the only thing they do best. Run from the dangeour.

- I couldn't finish my post because I had to run-
but here comes the last part.

Make sure that the horse know that you are the leader, and that it respect you.
Have it calm while you are working with it.
We all "freak" out or freeze at times. It's pretty normal, you see horse goes crazy of corse we freeze, we freeze and think about what will happen if the horse lends on you. They are so much bigger, and stronger, we just have to be wiser.

Training a green horse is hard as hell.
You have to do it step by step, and being careful all the step of the way. One mistake and the horse has good memory and you can be pretty sure that the horse will remember it for a quite long time.

Take a deep breath.
Make sure the horse fully understands you.
Work slow.
And think about what you are doing wrong, because we are allways doing something wrong.
Oh and also chek if the horse is in pain or ill.

HorsesAreForever 04-03-2008 01:25 PM

ok FGR I know i can train a horse ive done it before and i also enjoy riding been there done that horse but i dont want one i want one i can finish myself! Also and i didnt come here for u guys to tell me to get a diff horse!! Look I know I didnt do anything wrong and I freaked because of what happened its not easy to get over being draged quite a while! all i asked was how can i get over my fear and my trainer also had schooled many many horses. and i did get after her when throwing her head whichh lead to rearing then boom and i couldnt do anything else BUT turn in in a tight circle because she wouldnt STOP. And I think my trainer could ride her cause she was calm and not nervous but was because of what hapened and i know she knew it so she was gonna take advantage.

BTW: Chance isnt green she just hasnt been ridden all winter and needs a ton of work

FGR: only one of my other 2 horses has had problems will just was very sick. Also No i wont sell her when she gets going again Ill feel accomplished knowing I did it. I know i can handle her Ive handled worse

Also I have had chance checked out no pain nothing wrong so it has nothing to do with that. And it couldnt just be me doing something cause she took of with my friend aswell.

Brandon 04-03-2008 03:41 PM

Well in my opinion, the only way to over come a fear is to face it head on. I would say that you need, in my opinion, build up your confidence in her and her in you. Maybe do some ground work and just kinda ease back into it, your just hittin a speed bump right now with her. I think she is feelin un-easy because you are un-easy.

P.s. - HAF they are just givin there opinion, you came here for opinions and you got them. So lets not all get heated about this.

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