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Wallaby 01-08-2011 12:10 PM

Using pelleted stall bedding?
According to the package of the wood pellets I'm using (I think they're called "stay dry" or something like that...) in Lacey's run-in, I can just put fresh bedding down on top of the old stuff if the old stuff isn't too nasty and I'm wondering if that's the case...

The older stuff isn't "too" nasty, it's not poop filled or anything (I pick the poop out daily) but she does pee on it with some regularity (go outside to pee, you dang horse!! :lol: ) so it's a little damp, not wet but damp. I'm inclined to just get a few new bags of the stuff and put it in there on top of the old stuff since the old stuff is still very usable, but I don't want to do the "wrong" thing...

randomequine 01-09-2011 11:58 AM

We've done that before. Typically, we pick poop, then search for wet spots. The nasty part (right in the middle) if the wet spot gets taken out, then the rest is turned over, fluffed and given time to 'dry out' (though it sounds like your girl is in a run?). That's why I love this bedding....the stuff that is barely wet dries out and is usable again! Then any more that's needed just gets put in on top of the other bedding.

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