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erikaw512 01-08-2011 01:05 PM

blankets/halters and foaling
So I've been meaning to get more photos of my boy, and I swear I will. Works been keeping me til its dark out at night, and my groggy morning self just doesn't think to take pics :)

So as I mentioned before our (grade?) mini mare is in foal, and could be due sometime Feb. maybe (ugh irresponsible stallion owners!) It gets terribly cold and windy in the hills of Pa this time of year so I grabbed a tape to measure to fit her and our boy oliver for blankets and am just not sure what to get for the foal. Of course I only have a horse measuring stick, so used the tape to get a guesstimate of their height for refrence also. Do these measurements seems about right? Not alarmingly off? Lol
Pickles is approx 37"-38" and measured 48" blanket
Oliver is approx 33" and measured 46" blanket...which seems large but he does seem long backed
Also want to get these guys nice leather halters with out spending a ton, any suggestions?

Now to keep with the clueless theme, not only do we have no clue when to expect this foal...we have no clue what size of a stallion she was bred to. The man who owned her said he only had minis, no ponies no donkies only minis. I have been looking for very adjustable foal blankets to start with, but should I plan on getting a larger sized mini foal blanket? Hypothetically if she were bred to a stud around her size it would be a "large" foal correct?...for those of you in the know about how big is that?

I have experience foaling my big sized girls, but this will be my first mini foaling...she's a 5 year old maiden mare. It seems like I'm reading about more red bag foals with mini's vs. Standard horses. Is there is a bigger risk for red bag foals in mini's? Are there also other complications or differences with a mini vs standard horse?

Last question I swear! Lol. I'm a leather halter fan. Particularly with foal halters I like the style I think is called a figure 8? Reminds me of a calf/cow halter with a small catch rope attached. I'm having a heck of time finding that style for a mini foal, so I'm open for suggestions on your preferences for foal halters :) -- thanks again everyone

lilruffian 01-08-2011 01:23 PM

With mini's it's so easy to improvise with dog stuff, really lol.
I've seen people use dog harnesses of all sizes for halters & visa-versa. You may even be able to get away with buying a really good winter dog coat for the foal ;). They'll be cheaper than ordering one specifially for a mini foal (if you can find one!). Or even use a cut-up sweater.
They're also easy to shelter, so if you have a garage or something you can always secition off an area in there to keep the baby our of the wind ;)

SpiritedLittleCopperSpots 01-10-2011 04:55 PM

Um here, is this the type of foal halter you were looking for?
Soft Leather Grow with Me Halter - Jeffers

They also have a foal blanket on sale right now for $35.00...
But as mentioned before, you can improvise with kid's sweatshirts etc, just make sure you have things "arranged" safely so legs do not get hung up or any thing.
You could probably pick some things up inexpensively from a thrift st
ore and make them work, since they grow out of them so quickly and all.

I only have geldings (and a stallion), but have a few friends who have mares.
It does seem to be a bit more difficult for some mini mares to deliver, c-sections are more common.
But again, it is really hard to know beforehand if a mare is going to have an easy delivery or not.
I've been at a few births that went really smoothly, one that needed some assistance, and a couple that did not end well.

Just keep a good eye on her so that you have the best chance of being there to help, and certainly call a vet if needed.
Enjoy that baby when it arrives! They are sooo much fun! :D

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