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CountryGirl3294 01-08-2011 02:11 PM

Morgan Horse Lovers And Owners!
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I have always wanted a horse since I was six but my parents never let me get one, now that I am 16 will be 17 in 3 weeks. They let me get one. I was unsure what I wanted, but I placed an ad up on craigslist. I girl replied to me and told me about Kali. She is a 5 year old Morgan. She use to be abused but the lady saved her. She was going to keep her as a pasture horse but Kali loves being rode, so she saw my ad and emailed me. I instantly fell in love with her. I have had Kali for about 5 to 6 months now, and I knew she needed work. I am learning from her and she is learning from me. I only rode my friend's horses before for a year, so I am not a expert rider. So I am still learning but from the being an intermediate rider and getting on a horse I didn't know and that was greenbroke took a lot of guts. I am more confident with Kali now, but I am not 100% yet with her just yet. I am still breaking her and teaching her new things, as well as her teaching me things. I love her to death, she has high spirits and very trusting towards me. I heard that gaited breeds usually bond to one rider, and give others a hard time. I feel as if that is true because Kali makes the other horses go away when I am with her in the pasture like as if she is protecting me. She never gave a horrible time when on her, but when my friend rode her she rolled on her while running, also reared up and bucked. She never did that to me. Also she tried getting my dad off of her before also. At my house we have mules, a QH, a Welsh pony, and two QH x'ed. I have rode mostly everyone but the riding experience is nothing compared to my Morgan. I think I will always be a Morgan fan over other breeds because my first horse was one and also their are wonderful personalities. I will post two videos of my Morgan and some pictures. I would love to hear about your Morgan experiences and see your pictures. My first video was taken a within a month of getting her, so I was not very confident riding her :oops: because she wasn't broke very well, but my riding as improved greatly and in the spring and summer I will make more videos.

shaggy 01-08-2011 03:23 PM

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Shes gorious! I have to morgan geldings myself Shaggy and Blaze and I absolutly them. Morgans are such an interesting breed thats for sure lol my trainer calls them the aDD breed of the horse world and I can definalty see in them lol I think its interesting that you said you mare gets protective of you and only lets you ride her cause my friend Lex her morgan mare is the same way with her! but my geldings could careless whose on the their back lol

Heres my boys Shaggy is the black and Blaze is the chesnut

Katesrider011 01-08-2011 03:44 PM

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Here's a pic of my morgan, I love her to bits!

shaggy 01-08-2011 05:06 PM

aww shes beautiful katesrider011 i've never seen a brown one before only bay black and chesnut lol

Katesrider011 01-08-2011 05:18 PM

She used to be darker when she was a foal. But she got lighter as she grew older

CountryGirl3294 01-08-2011 05:24 PM

They are all so beautiful. I agree they are a wonderful breed, I can see what you mean about the ADD part. I love Kali to death.

shaggy 01-08-2011 06:38 PM

haha yeah i wouldnt trade my guys for the best snow jumper in the world

CountryGirl3294 01-08-2011 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by shaggy (Post 881796)
haha yeah i wouldnt trade my guys for the best snow jumper in the world

I know what you mean. I have had several people tell me how beautiful Kali is. I also had someone want to trade their TWH for her, I was like no. :D

shaggy 01-09-2011 01:41 AM


Originally Posted by CountryGirl3294 (Post 881819)
I know what you mean. I have had several people tell me how beautiful Kali is. I also had someone want to trade their TWH for her, I was like no. :D

wow lol wanna know something funny theres a morgan where i bored that could be Kali's twin his name is Honest and he has the exact same build and head shape only difference is hes bay. I mean its kinda scary i've never seen 2 horse look this close in build lol He even has the same back white feet lol

Delfina 01-09-2011 02:21 AM

My 4yr old Morgan, Timmy! A calm, sweet, lovable, goofy lil guy. He's so quiet that his previous owner was using him for lessons with a 10yr old.

My *babies* meet each other, she's 7 and will eventually ride him. Right now, I'm more comfortable with her riding an ancient, bombproof pony.

Hanging out with his best friend, a QH of mine.

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