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Hidalgo13 01-08-2011 02:49 PM

My first crazy riding experience on an arabian! :P
I hope you get through this!
Ok so today, I rode the barns little Arabian mare. She is relatively young (5-6) and was pumping with energy today! Last time, which was my first time on her, it was only 5 Celcius, which is very warm for a Canadian winter. Today it was -5, -8ish, so a little colder and although she was super calm and happy when I was grooming and massaging her, once in the arena, POOF! She was very energetic because it was cold and, well she is an arabian. :) Last time I rode her, she would sometimes shake her head but listened rather well and was a little angel (minus the head shaking :P) But then she had been lunged for 15 minutes and then ridden for 30 with another girl before me.

But today, at first it wasn't so bad, she would throw her head in the air occasionally but soon enough she wasn't happy trotting, and would accelerate like mad, and keep flipping her head in the air more intensely. I could get her to stop, but getting her to walk at a normal pace was hard. If I asked her to walk faster she immediately trotted, and then started to trot very quickly. My trainer noticed she had this big urge to canter. So I asked her to canter. So I got her cantering in a circle, but soon enough she was accelerating faster then I liked (I am not the most experienced of riders, I can control a horse ok and have a relatively good balance, but when it comes to speed, although I love it, I get a little worried sometimes) I think because I didn't feel as much in control, because she would just accelerated very quickly without my cue.

So I tried to slow her, though half halts do nothing, so I would sit back, squeeze my legs and pull. SHe would slow down, and I would bring her back to a walk.
She was always constantly looking outside, she once spooked at a corner, at one point I was trotting her and she accelerated and bucked a little (she is small so thank god I was able to stay on) she would also (not rear exactly) but a few times jump a little onto her back feet and shake her head like no if there was no tomorrow... and although I loove arabians, I never rode such a crazy, energetic little beastie, lol :wink: and it was definitely a challenge.
A few times when she did her crazy head shaking and rearing bucking thing, and I would almost loose balance, and it felt as if I could maybe fall off if I didn't get her back into control. Today was definitely a good learning experience, and although I was scared sometimes because she would just pop out of nowhere and start bucking and going crazy, I think I did relatively well, (gulp) considering I always rode horses who challenged your riding skills (in a different way), but never your balance AND every riding skill you ever learnt and know. :P

BUt definitely in the future I will lunge her to get any excess energy out. I could have jumped today, but I wasn't even able to go over poles because as soon as I got her to calm down, she would go wild again and accelerate, and shake that lovely head of hers like if she wanted to rip the reins out of my hands. It was really hard, and well as I said, I was scared. I never have been scared on a horse though.

Eventually my trainer noticed one of the reason she was like that, and was always looking outside, was because there was this biig yellow truck, so we worked at the other end of the arena where she couldn't see it. But then she got spooked at the cardboard box she had seen hundreds of times, so we patiently led her there and showed her it was the same box, that it wasn't going to eat her. :) I know horses see very well in the middle of where they are looking, and fuzzy around, so that's why they spook easily sometimes). I was happy I knew why she got a little spooked.
Though at the other end of the arena she would still go into a crazy canter and go faster then I felt comfortable with. I didn't feel in control and was still a little shaken by all the head shaking, bucking, twirling. So I got her to immediately stop ( at least I figured out how to do that very well, probably saved me a few times lol ;P). So we ended there on a ok note, since she had not done anymore bucking or inteeense head shaking.

My trainer was there to help me, but if you ever had similar experiences, please share. :) And a few tips would be nice if you have any. :)
Boy, what a ride it was. Oh and my mother, when I told her how energetic she was, and how I almost fell off a few times, she was all like: IF YOU FALL, YOUR NOT RIDING AGAIN!

Euh mom, it's because falling is normal when you ride, every horse person falls from a horse. It's part of learning. I am sure it's somewhere in the horses for dummies book. (haha yes I got her to read it, and she's actually enjoying it) Though she seems to be concentrating a liiiitttle too much on the sections that say how much commitment and work horses are. ;P

mom: Your father won't allow it if you ever fall! etc... no riding if you ever fall! etc...

My parents are new to this stuff, and they only seem to really understand the part: that horses can be dangerous and yes they are a heck of a lot of work and money, (but they sometimes forget the: but it's worth it in the end, part.
Please share your own crazy little horse rides that challenged all your skills! :)

mom2pride 01-09-2011 01:13 AM

I've ridden so many Arabs over the years, and don't you love that little bucky, reary thingy they do? Lol!!! It's SO rough, but you get the impression that they are just having an awesome time of it, too! They are such amazing horses though, when you work through all of that 'goofy' stuff...

tinyliny 01-09-2011 02:40 AM

It is definitely harder to stay aboard a small horse than a large one. The margin of error is very narrow, before it is too much and you are at the point of no return and on your way to the ground.

With Arabs, best to try not to constantly ride the brakes. Try to work in circles and such so that the horse can keep moving.

Don't look where the horse is looking, look where you are going. So, if she is looking at something spooky, you don't need to look there too. Look past it, think past it and assume you will go past it and you will.

If you can't give her free rein on both reins for fear she'll buck or bolt, at least give her one rein well forward on her neck with a little pet on one side.

You need to work toward calmness. You say good girle when she has been calm, if she is too high, you can say softly, and very donward in tone, "easey , easy .. ." and when she responds in the tiniest way, loose one rein and "good girl" on the neck.

Gidget 01-09-2011 03:41 AM

ahh! good job at working through everything!

Hmm..I haven't had near those experiences but my horse sometimes bucks and she reared up not too long ago cause I wouldn't let her go back to the barn and made her work instead of eating. She also is a lazy horse..would rather stand all day and if she wants to trot thats okay with her..She tried running over this little pony today..she didn't like him much and we cantered for like a second and she headed towards the pony and tried running into bumper horses..luckily nothing bad happened.
One time I was running in the pasture and well there was water in the feed and we ran in a puddle..well grass covered the puddle so whens he heard a splash she spooked an I was on one side and she was on the other side and I landed in this huge puddle..I was completely soaked.I just laid there in the water..gave my family the thumbs up that I was okay and laid back in the water to try and absorb what happened! and then I went and got my horse..My adrenaline was pumping and I was shaking when I got back on and my jeans were sagging from the weight of the water.I could hardly get on as my clothes were skin tight cause I was drenched so my husband had to help me up..I walked around and then decided I needed to go and lope back..after we did that I felt better and then got off.I wanted to end on a good note..always best.

Hidalgo13 01-09-2011 10:13 AM

Haha, love the bumper horse story Gidget, that almost happened to me on another horse, and although I was trying to stay calm with my body and stop the horse, in my mind I was like: HOOOLY CRAP i GOTTA SLOW YOU DOWN! sttttop, pleeease! :P

mom2pride, haha yes they are fun as long as I feel my balance is ok. I am terrified of falling. I don't want to know how the ground feels and in the few times when I was sooo close to falling off (in the past too on other horses), I would brace myself with my legs and do everything in my power to stay on.

Really tiny? It's harder on smaller horses? hmm that's interesting, but I believe it! Ya I know Arabs like soft handlers, and I would try to stay calm and as you said, not ride with the breaks on, but oh it was so hard (reflexes ya know?)... but I will definitely try your advice. :)

furandfeather 01-10-2011 01:15 PM

hiya,if i might ask ,what are you training for rodeos ,or are you suppose to be having a riding lesson as we call them in the uk ,:?:

rottenweiler 01-10-2011 02:09 PM

At the old barn I rode at I had an open lease where I could ride any horse that was for sale - that's what she did was buy and sell horses. So one day she said 'You can ride Oliver today, he's the arab in the front pasture' and I just thought " Really? Aren't they, like...CRAZY?!?" Of course when i got out there there was only one woman there and as soon as I got oliver tacked up, she left. So I was there by myself. I kept thinking...this is a bad idea, riding an arab when no one is around! But the woman said he was safe so I sucked it up and got on in the arena. He was such a GOOD BOY! He didn't try one stupid thing with me, did everything I asked without hesitation...except it took WORK to get him to go over a pole. Even a flat one on the ground just to walk over it, he would just stop and stare at it like it was a monster...but after him doing everything I asked earlier in the ride my self confidence was up and I just laughed and kept asking him to go forward over the pole and then he did

Hidalgo13 01-10-2011 03:59 PM

Ya it was a riding lesson fur, but she was just having a crazy, sensitive day, usually she is amazing and listens super well. Like you just apply the slightest pressure and she moves to the side. :) BUt ya I suppose all horses have their day.

Ya I heard many times by people that there are some Arabs, like the one you rode rottenweiler, that are very calm and don't over react lol. :P Cute story. :) My trainer said it was her worst, that she didn't get any crazier then that... which is sort of nice to know. :P

corporate pride 01-11-2011 09:26 PM

i would be looking at tack to be honest, it sounds like pain. the quick paces (could be an arab thing) the bucking, the head shaking...maybe just check the fit of everything and then see if she's sore in her back...JMO

amp23 01-11-2011 10:56 PM

One of the first times I was at my friend's house back in middle school, she put me on her 25 year old Arabian mare bareback then took the halter off. I had decent balance but when she smacked her on the butt she took off. After trying to stop her from running me into tree branches and other horses and trying to just stay on, I was a bit sore. I've always loved bareback though even after that experience.

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