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mysticdragon72 01-08-2011 10:40 PM

So excited! Tomorrow's the test drive!
As anyone who's read any of my posts probably knows already tomorrow is the day we are going to look at the SSH mare we're thinking of buying. I won't be riding her though as I don't ride during a "certain time"... if ya know what I mean ;-) But my hubby's planning on riding her AFTER the current owner does that is.

I will be taking photos and video taping her riding the mare so I can look at it once we get home.

Wish us luck... if we like her and she likes us we'll be putting down half the sale price tomorrow. Then all we gotta do is find a trailer to bring her home!! :-)

I'll post once we get home tomorrow evening. It's a 2.5hr drive ONE WAY! :shock: I've never driven that far to go look at a horse before but hopefully she's more than worth it.


poultrygirl 01-08-2011 11:17 PM

2.5 each way? BIG deal. lol. I live in the middle of nowhere and 2-4 is typical. haha. Now when you start talking 8 each way..ehhh its time to call uship. haha :-P
Good luck tomorrow! Sounds like you have one exciting day ahead of you!!!!!!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for ya! Let us know how it goes.
SSH are pretty!

mysticdragon72 01-08-2011 11:38 PM

Well that gelding and filly we're also buying are 400 miles away.. 6.5hrs one way.. but the breeder is bringing them out for us..... we were going through uship but she told me they'd be happy to bring them to us :-) They're VERY nice people!

I can't wait to go see her actually. We're still up in the air as to where we're keeping them as a few boarding stables weren't up to our standards.. the houses we've looked at all fell through... we looked at a property today that's nice and we want it but there was another family there at the same time looking. We won't know until Monday if we were the lucky ones... if not, a person I met through here gave me some contacts of places where I can keep them if I need to.

I will most definitely post photos and such and maybe the video if it turns out ok. I'll be using my phone so hopefully it'll work ok.

mysticdragon72 01-09-2011 07:46 PM

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Well we are the proud owners of horse #3! :-)

We didn't ride her though as it was so dang cold we were all shivering... except for the horses!! 25 deg F with a wind chill of about 5!

Once we saw her though and spent some time brushing and petting and all that stuff we both really liked her attitude... and I guess the lady we bought her from liked us as she said she wouldn't sell her unless she though we were suited.

The lady is sposed to be sending me a few videos that she took of her riding her a week ago which we got to watch on their laptop before we left but I haven't got them yet and my phone died in the cold so I only got ONE photo of her standing in the cross-ties! :-(

Don't worry... there will be PLENTY of other chances to get photos of all our babies once we bring them all home.

Oh.. and the lady even offered to deliver her for us when she found out we were having a hard time finding a trailer... how nice is that?

Now all we gotta do is find a place to bring them "home" to.. LOL.

Anyways.. here's the one and only photo I got of her... sorry it's blurry, guess my phone takes pretty crappy pics. ;-)

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