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poultrygirl 01-08-2011 11:29 PM

How do you know when to STOP looking?
I've looked at a lot of horses in the last 1/3 of a year (sounds better than saying 4 months. :lol:).
I made an offer on a mare just before christmas. It was rockbottom, and in this economy, I think it was still a hair on the low side, but equivalant to the mare's worth, and reflected the finances it will take me to transport the horse, get a coggins, etc.
It was soundly rejected (no big shock), and she countered with $1000. (she was asking 1500, I offered 675, she countered.) I thanked her but declined.
Well..this week I heard back from the lady. And she needs the money and is willing to take 675 for her now. Im over the moon..but at the same time, why cant i commit?
This tiny, evil voice in the back of my head whispers, "Something better will come along as soon as you commit...the perfect horse will be next door and then you'll be sorry. so sorry."
For example, someone sent me an email tonight a a reply to my craigslist ad--they live 45 mintues from me, and have a 6 year old QH mare that's supposedly broke that they'll sell for 500.
So that voice says "SEE! AHA! KEEP WAITING! OR YOU'LL BE SORRY!" And I think to myself, but I don't even WANT a QH. So why am I deliberating with myself over something so stupid?
My question, how do you know when to STOP looking? How do you know when it's good enough and you should be HAPPY because the horse is EVERYTHING YOU WANT (and seriously, she is. She's 12--not too hyper--sensible--for an arab--tri color paint--raised at high altitude--bask bred and registered--not a midget--finished trail horse) :-|
It's not just horses I feel this way about. I feel the same about men, as well. I got dumped twice in a row, first and second time out of the chute, inthe last year., and since then, I think and rethink and then rethink some more every commitment I have to make. But I'm nto sure why. :?

BarrelracingArabian 01-09-2011 04:29 PM

well with the horse i would say go and test ride and see if you can set up a trial week or something that way you are sure shes the one you want not jsut by what and ad or seller tells you. If you don't click with her then don't buy.
As for boys well im only 15 so i have no answer to that except don't let it get to you someone will come along it just may take some time.

flytobecat 01-09-2011 04:50 PM

If you haven't ridden her then do it before you buy, but honestly you just know. (I thought you had, but can't remember)
My 1st horse, Mona was my sister's and not even for sale. I always liked her & she was the perfect horse for me. She's a horse that can do anything, was safe enough for me to ride as a beginner, but still challenging. When the opportunity came, I took it.
My other horse Willow was my friends horse. She was probably too much horse for me, but when my friend had to get rid of her, I jumped at it.
I still like horse shopping (looking) & always will, but when you find the right horse something will just click for you. Same with guys.

MyBoyPuck 01-09-2011 05:30 PM

I bought the horse I ended up with because I couldn't stop thinking about him. When I initially rode him, his trot was horrible, but his personality was to die for. A few days went by where my gut kept nagging me to the point where I realized a trot can be improved up to 80%, but a personality does not change and the good ones are hard to find.

My advice, ride the horse, kick the tires and then give it a few days. If you've pretty much forgotten about the horse by then, it's not the one. Don't settle. There are plenty of good ones who need homes for dirt cheap right now if you're willing to put in the time to look.

KennyRogersPaints 01-09-2011 05:50 PM

I was like that too when I was looking at horses, Try out the horse, think about it for a few days and see how you feel. You have to see personality wise if you get along with the horse and all that kinda stuff. I know when I was looking at horses i had a list of things I wanted in a horse, and looked at quite a few horses. But as soon as i stopped worrying about it, I went to horse show and just happened to find a horse I fell in love with, and she was nothing at all like what I was looking for, But it worked out well. Dont settle for a horse you think is the right one for you, because its a big commitment, chose a horse you really like and you feel like its the right decision

Whisper22 01-09-2011 06:49 PM

Well, since you need a coggins I'm guessing the horse is not close enough for you to try out first. The only advice I have is my own experience. I bought one of our horses from out of state without trying her first. We did not need her to be trained but we still wanted her to have a sweet disposition and there was also a certain look we wanted that I was pretty sure I saw in her pictures. Other than that all I had to go off of was the ladys word I bought her from. She turned out to be exactly what we were looking for but I still look on Craigslist all the time to see if I missed out on a better deal too. Sometimes I find them but it doesn't matter because we have already bonded with the one we have. That will probably happen to you and, like I said, it wont matter when a better deal comes along.

Sahara 01-09-2011 06:56 PM

Many horses look good and sound "perfect" in ads, but when you see them in person the flaws appear rather quickly. I would never buy a horse sight unseen. EVER. But that is just me. Look at the horse that is 45 minutes away before committing to the $675 horse.

poultrygirl 01-09-2011 08:47 PM

Oh no...I HAVE ridden her. Definitely. I saw her the first week in dec.
Here's the weird thing...when she declined my offer weeks ago, I literally got in the shower, and CRIED. I NEVER cry. Ever. Ever. I've broke bones and not made a peep. I go watch my sisters my brother to fine. But I CRIED over this horse.
I've been offered five or six horses since that mare, and still...even tho I knew I wouldn't get her she was still in the back of my mind.
Would that be an indication I like this horse alot more than im willing to admit to myself?
P.S-- the QH 45 mind from home is grade. And doesn't neck rein. Just ranch broke. She kinda sounds like a jumbo version of Reba.
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Sahara 01-09-2011 09:15 PM

Well, by your own words, Reba sounds like a better fit. For the price, what are you waiting for? $675 is chump change. You could probably double that in the spring if it didn't work out.

Whisper22 01-09-2011 10:39 PM

I'm not sure what the problem is then. If you've tried her and you loved her and you cried over the thought of not being able to get her, why are you not jumping at the opportunity to have her now.

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