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Equus_girl 01-09-2011 01:47 PM

I need some advise on teaching riding lessons
I have had a lot of experience with working with many different types of horses. I have learned the safety requirements around them and am quite experienced with handling them on the ground. I also have learned the basics of riding and since I got my horse Berdi, I have been teaching myself lots more. I now can walk/trot/canter in saddle or bareback and of course know how to keep the horse under control, cues to give it and general horse riding. Berdi is 19 years old and a very well trained, calm horse.

I was thinking of advertising in the summer that I could teach beginner lessons. I would focus hugely on horse safety, teach them how to halter and lead a horse, safety positions, reading its body language, keeping the horse's respect, grooming, picking out feet ect. And I would teach the basics of riding. Getting the horse to go, whoa, turn (using seat and leg aids, not just the bit) soft hands, backing the horse up, balance at the trot ect.

I think there would be an interest as there really is no riding lesson places very close here. I have some questions though.

1. Of course I would have them sign a waiver for my protection. However - is this enough?
2. Would I need some sort of insurance.
3. I keep my horse in a field owned my someone else - he lets me keep her there for free. Could I teach lessons on someone else's property or would they be potentially sued in the instance someone got hurt?
4. I am certainly not certified, but is that totally important. I of course would not charge as much as someone that is certified would.

Any advise would be much appreciated! Thank-you!! :-)

maura 01-09-2011 01:56 PM

1.) No, a waiver is not enough
2.) Yes, you would need liability insurance. Recommended amount, last time I carried it, was $2 mil. worth. How much that would cost you depends on a variety of other factors.
3.) Yes, the property owner can be sued, and it would be reasonable for the property owner to object to you teaching lessons on their property.
4.) Certification isn't necessary, but it is certainly a good idea. If you haven't taught before, I would highly recommend doing an apprenticeship with an experienced, certified instructor before trying to do something on your own. Another advantage of that is that the instructor who mentors you will be your primary source for referrals once you start teaching on your own.

kitten_Val 01-09-2011 02:04 PM

Maura already answered pretty much everything... And also depending on age you may not be able to get insurance unfortunately.

Here is the thread somewhat similar to yours you may want to read

Equus_girl 01-09-2011 02:05 PM

Thats what I was afraid of - that the property owner could be sued. If I did this I'd probably have to do it in our own yard. I wouldn't be teaching anything huge - just the real basics, especially handling horses on the ground which I've had a lot of experience with. There really is not instructor close enough I could confer with but I'll keep that in mind.

I'll also look into the insurance - I was thinking a waiver might not be enough.

Thank-you for your advice! I really appreciate it!

Equus_girl 01-09-2011 02:06 PM

Thank-you Kitten! I'll read that thread. I'm 19 so I should be able to get insurance though.

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