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drafts4ever 01-09-2011 02:20 PM

Pushy buyer is really making me look at my options
I finally found a home for Sammy and she paid half upfront for him end of December. She lives 3.5 hours away and doesn't own a trailer yet so I said if she covered gas I could have my close friend haul him down with her truck and my trailer. I told her January was a very busy month and I only has two weekends that weren't booked with shows and the rest of my week is split between school and teaching lessons.
For the past two weeks it's been nothing but nagging on when he is going to come down. We were aiming for this weekend but the weather is so unpredictable this weekend my friend isn't comfortable hauling in possible snow and ice. I told the buyer my friend used to be a long haul driver and if she isn't comfortable hauling I trust her judgement. She asked to call her and after getting permission apparently she tried to push her to come down anyway. My friend has a sick horse that in the past couple hours has gone downhill and her husband has no clue about horses so the option for him to watch the horse isn't the best choice she has the vet coming out as well. So really today wouldn't have worked anyway. We would have gone yesterday but her truck needed desperately to be serviced

This buyer then called me to see if I could take time out of my showing training and school mix to bring him down. I've literally counted in the emails 16 times where I repeated I only have a trailer so I don't have a lot of control over this because I have to wait to borrow antruck. I can't rent one becJse trucks and cars here aren't rented to people under 25. I told her over the phone that I cannot take time from my studies or work during the week because I still would not have access to a truck until the weekends.
I told her if she found a trailer 7'6 or taller she can come pick him up but I will not let him leave in anything smaller than that. I also said he will not be shipped unless I'm paid his other half before he leaves. She said she would see what she could do.

When I was a kid if I pushed for something to hard or nagged to my parents I had that thing taken away. I talked with my personal banker and she said I have a large sum coming in by the end of this month from inheritance. I am half tempted to pay her back what she gave me and move onto the next person. She is stressing me out completely and the numerous daily calls and emails on a topic I have very little control over isn't helping at all. I've remained nice but i am tempted to just tell her look I told you what I can do and if that's not good enough then he will go to someone who has the means to transport him themselves or wait until I have a gap in nasty weather with no schedule conflicts.
Please excuse any grammar or spelling errors my charger cord on my laptop broke so Im useing my phone

Ugh this is bothering me I don't know which way to go.

churumbeque 01-09-2011 02:44 PM

If she doesn't want a refund she doesn't have to take it back. You have a legally binding contract with her and should sell her the horse. You could offer her the money back as an option though.

equiniphile 01-09-2011 02:59 PM

I know how difficult it's been to find a home for Sammy, sorry it hasn't worked out before. If this is a good option for him and you're confident in his new home, I wouldn't stop the sale because of hauling conflicts. She needs to understand that unless she wants to haul him herself, she's going to have to wait until you can arrange transportation.

drafts4ever 01-09-2011 03:09 PM

It will be a good home for him however she is calling everybody. My trainer, my friend, and pushing to their limits. My trainer said she gave her a more strict talking to and my mom said next time she calls tell he it's out of my hands and im not going to discuss it any further he will get there when he gets there unless she comes to pick him up. Im hoping that's enough.

corinowalk 01-09-2011 03:14 PM

I would just let her know that her insistence that he be hauled to her immediately makes you question selling him. While it is a difficult situation, I don't know that I would pull the sale simply because a buyer wants her horse.

I know she is being a pest but maybe she is just really excited to have her horse.

I know that if I were the buyer and was without transportation, I would be upset by plans changing numerous times. Set a date, make plans and stick to them. I know this isn't always easy but you have set out to sell the horse. Jumping through hoops to get him sold can be expected.

furandfeather 01-09-2011 03:20 PM

i would not bother with this lady ,shes trouble now dread to think what she will be like when the horse arrives tell her the deals off if nothing has been signed ,no one in there right mind would travel a horse in snow and ice good luck be firm.

drafts4ever 01-09-2011 03:32 PM

What I told her when she put money down on himmwas I only had two weekends in January available to bring him down IF I had access to a truck. My friend has graciously offered to drive but if she isn't comfortable then it doesn't matter what date is set I am not hauling a horse through snow and ice. Besides that I can't rightfully pull her from her sick horse that needs help right now. So my options for hauling are based on when my friend is available.

My other hang up is the inheritance is not supposed to go to Sammy and if I pull the sale there is a high chance of it quickly going to him before I find a new home which I am not willing to do. It was transferred early to reimburse me for sammys costs. So I think I'm stuck with her nagging until he gets there unless I can find someone who wants him tomorrow AND if she will take her down payment on him back.

Wallaby 01-09-2011 03:38 PM

I agree with Cori.

I've been in a similar situation where I had no control over when I was getting my horse and the person bringing her kept monkeying around (that's what it felt like to me, the shipper probably didn't intend that at all) with the date she was coming and I was getting SO stressed.

I was really worried that something had happened to Lacey or that they weren't actually going to bring her to me, that they were just going to take my money and be like "seeya!" since I had no paperwork at that time saying Lacey was mine.
I ended up calling them like everyday and FINALLY after three weeks of monkeying around, they brought her to me.

I'm not saying you're doing that (I know you aren't) but the buyer doesn't know you personally and she has no previous knowledge of you to base her expectations on. For all she knows, you could be taking her money and running. There are lots of creeps out there and she's obviously just stressed about that.
I'd let her know your feelings and set a date that he will be in her possession by, no matter what, so that she can feel listened to and reassured that she will get her horse.

Good luck! Buying a horse is stressful for both parties. :)

drafts4ever 01-09-2011 03:54 PM

I can't set an exact date though. I said by the end of January however i cant do it without a truck. I only had this weekend which snowed and the weekend after next available which she knew. I can't rent a truck because I'm 22 and Im in school and working during the week even if I could rent a truck.
She can be as worried as she wants but it's not going to get him there any quicker and trying to send me on a guilt trip when I have lite control over the situation is not going to make a difference. At least I'm keeping in contact with her. If she continues like this my contact with her will stop and she will be completely in the dark.

furandfeather 01-09-2011 04:06 PM

hiya, just been reading your post again she says about the rest of the money she will see what she can do pleaseeeeeeeeeee dont be bullied by this will work out in the end follow your gut instincts .for your horses sake he cant speak for himself .

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