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hsharp123 04-03-2008 02:26 PM

Help! My mare has turned into a disaster area!

If you have read my posts before you will have heard that i have many horses (rescues and my own) but my main, and number one baby is Flo (my brown 6yr old 16hh wb x tb mare).

When i bought her 4yrs ago she was not marey at all....we had absolutely no problems with her at all and she came on leaps and bounds untill she was out competeing well!

Slowly over the last year she has become a little over sensitive, shall we call it?!? She started aguing over who was the boss and questioning absolutely everything i asked of her! For e.g. stopping when i was leading her and refusing to move...then going on without any change in her or me! I quickly put this down to her getting stronger and basically being a 5year old! hehe

Unfortunately this has got worse that EVER this year, so i am getting to the point where im thinking of giving up on her! She runs off with me in the menage with her head in the air and tail! She is constantly chatting to any gelding within a mile radious and is the most marey mare i know!!! She even kicked me which is unheard of! She bucks when pieces of the menage flick up at her back legs! And she constantly refuses to load into either trailer or lorry...just because she can! She doesnt sweat up or get hot, she just stands there like "no i dont want to actually?!"

Somebody mentioned putting her in foal to ballance her hormones but at the minute i have had enough! Its worse now i think due to her moving onto a yard where she is one of only two mares on a yard of over 20horses, but she is far too big for her boots right now....

PLEASE HELP ME GET MY LOVELY GIRLY BACK! Any suggestions welcome! (Tried the hormone balancer NAF 5*oestress last year with very little effect!)

Elz x

country_girl 04-03-2008 06:33 PM

do u displine her?? not absolutly flog her but just give her a hit up the guts and she should realise dat u r the boss, for example last night one of my horses was being a turd running around and around the paddock when i was trying to take his rug off( he does this becoz he thinks he won't get feed if u take his rug off first, he stands perfectly still when he has food) and i got really annoyed so i gave him a fair old hit up the guts and he was fine afta that he stood there so still it seemed like a different horse!! :D

JustDressageIt 04-03-2008 11:46 PM

Have you tried a hormone replacement therapy? I've heard it works wonders on mares - I'll have to think of the name for it....

kim_angel 04-04-2008 12:25 PM

Please dont put her in foal just because she is acting up. :shock: There are enough unwanted and over bred horses now.

Try some supplements that work for mare's attitudes. And doing more ground work with her to teach her respect.

Dumas'_Grrrl 04-04-2008 02:20 PM

:idea: GROUND WORK, :idea: GROUND WORK, :idea: GROUND WORK :idea:

Spastic_Dove 04-05-2008 12:18 PM

Try Regumate
I used it on one of my mares once and it worked wonders. From what I remember its a dose of progesterone that will basically regulate her cycle. When she's in heat she will be less mareish.
It works very fast to surpress her estrous cycle and isn't hard to administer. When I did it it was a syringe much like you use for wormer that you gave once a day around the same time. However pregnant women should NOT use it. And you need to wear gloves when administering it. Im sure there are more instructions on the website.

That would help possibly.

Also, lots of groundwork and re-establishing trust and your dominance.

bolderthing 04-06-2008 12:05 AM

I would think that because you said she's arguing over who's the boss that it's a respect issue, which would indicate that perhaps it's not purely hormonal. That still is an option that I would explore though.

My filly is going through phases right now, where she's fine with me as the boss, but the next week she's decided that it's her turn. A few sharp words or a smack, depending on her behavior, cures that.

I notice that she becomes particularly bossy if a new horse comes and she becomes the boss of the new guy. If your horse is in a place where new horses are constantly coming and going, perhaps this is part of it?

my2geldings 04-06-2008 05:30 AM


Originally Posted by Dumas'_Grrrl
:idea: GROUND WORK, :idea: GROUND WORK, :idea: GROUND WORK :idea:

Well said. I might also add a dressage whip to help with your aids. I always carry a dressage whip with me when working with my drafts.

hsharp123 04-06-2008 01:56 PM


Dumas'_Grrrl - What exactly should i do? She backs up when i ask, she stops when i ask, follows me perfectly on the end of a long rope, goes passed anything with me, lunges over logs, scary pipes in wide open fields, she even does halt to canter and back to halt on the lunge with simple voice commands?! This all being on her good days of course, if shes having an off day then this is all out the window! And all she wants to do is look out of the menage towards the nearest most interesting thing- usually a gelding!lol

The thing she really tests me on is loading, i have tried everything even things im not very proud of (but we do them when we are desperate)


Well said. I might also add a dressage whip to help with your aids. I always carry a dressage whip with me when working with my drafts.
My2geldings- She runs away from them so there is no piont me carrying one as it gets me nowhere, she is very over sensitive. And very forward at the best of times- we are constanly working on getting her to slow everything down.


Please dont put her in foal just because she is acting up. There are enough unwanted and over bred horses now.
kim_angel- Dont worry it wouldnt be unwanted and also only a suggestion from a friend who did the same thing. She is an extremely well bred mare and i have many poeple that would want a foal of hers (she has a big following) lol


do u displine her?? not absolutly flog her but just give her a hit up the guts and she should realise dat u r the boss
country_girl- I do! And she knows when shes done wrong! But this doesnt seem to get me anywhere....she is a huge busy body, and everything is more interesting in me unless im doing something she has to get involved in, or needs my support for e.g. walking passed something scary or jumping a new obsticle?

The thing with Flo-lese is that shes very inconsistant- which makes me believe that it is hormone related. Also her getting worse with age is also pointing towards hormones getting stronger as she matures?

Spastic_Dove- Thank you for the regumate idea- will look into that! (we used to use it a the TB stud i worked at, they all hated having it lol!)

I am only aware of her having had one proper season, where she was squirting and basically being a tart, which im sure isnt right! The rest of the time ive had her (basically her whole life) she hasnt had one, which makes me believe this to be the problem...shes not regular and so i think the hormones are taking over and my sweet girl!?

Thank you for the suggestions!

Elz x

horsestar8100 04-06-2008 03:23 PM

Complete agree with kim_angel, enough unwanted horses out there enough as there is. This resulting foal may end up one of them if something doesn't go right. And ground work will pay off. Once had a mare that tried to lead me, lead her with a lunge line, put the rope up and over her nose, and every time she barged past me or tried to take me for a run, I yanked her head back, not hard enough to hurt her, but enough to tell her that it wasn't acceptable what she was doing. I only had to do this a couple of times, than she led like an angel. Go figure. She was a petite arab mare, you might have a little bit of difficulty with this one. Don't ever use so much force you end up hurting her, but not so little she just blows you off. Every horse is different, and thus they will respond differently to the pressure or force you use. But one she is nice, even for a moment, praise like mad.

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