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KawaiiCharlie 01-10-2011 03:50 PM

Reefa wont walk in a straight line.
So ive been helping my friend school her pony she bought for her 10yr old son. hes 13.3hh and 10yrs old. he was broken in a 4yrs old but not properly, hes literally just been taught to follow another horse. every time ive ridden him in the paddock he refuses to walk in a straight line, he keeps going sideways. hes pretty hard to get into trot and canter aswell, takes alot of kicking & encouragment. any ideas to help me with him? it gets a little frustrating constantly going sideways.

kaya 01-10-2011 04:20 PM

He may have something wrong with his legs/hooves(splint,thrush,etc). If he refuse to walk forward on simple cues:
1) you may have your foot positioned in the wrong place
2) he may be just being stubborn
Your heel should be under you. I can't see how your riding so I don'y know if this is the problem, but probably not.

Most likely he's being stubborn. You may need a crop, it may help him move forward, alot.

Vidaloco 01-10-2011 05:02 PM

Make sure you are going straight. Set your sight on something in the distance and keep your body and eyes centered on that object.
Horses are naturally going to walk in a zig zag type pattern at liberty because they don't see directly in front of themselves. They have to turn their head and thus their body when the move forward. It is only through our cues and commands that they walk a straight line.
Try using slight nudges to correct. Just like driving a car you have to move the steering wheel slightly to go in a straight line

KawaiiCharlie 01-11-2011 03:15 AM

I carry a crop on me anyway, it makes no difference to him.
& when he walks sideways its always in the direction of the closest horse.
he seems nervous when riding him almost like he has no clue what to do or what im asking of him. he completely ignores any kind of nudges, my legs end up aching from kicking him on all the time, hes either really lazy, or doesnt understand what it means.

RedTree 01-11-2011 03:20 AM

does he lead in a straight line?
If so when riding have someone walk by his head and lead in a straight line while you are riding... it may work
Maybe also do some ground work with him or lunging...

KawaiiCharlie 01-11-2011 03:33 AM

Yeah he leads in a straight line.
thanks, i'll try that.
& hes never really been taught to lunge, his owner has tried a couple of times but he keeps turning round & going the wrong way lol

kaya 01-11-2011 03:38 AM

Have you tried separating him while training? That may be the problem if your in the field with the other horses.I think red tree has a good idea, I would definitely try that.

KawaiiCharlie 01-11-2011 03:40 AM

yeah we've tried riding him with just him in the paddock, but he still walks sideways towards the edge of the paddock because theres a field with 2 horses in just over the fence.

kaya 01-11-2011 03:46 AM

He must of been trained tow fallow and doesn't understand ( like you said)
l think your best bet is the lead line and some retraining.

Vidaloco 01-11-2011 12:26 PM

You may want to do some groundwork. He might need to re-learn or learn to give to pressure. From the ground, start pushing him with a finger or the end of a crop. increase the pressure until he moves away. Once he moves immediately remove the pressure and praise him. Do this from all four corners and the middle. Do it a lot, then transfer that lesson to the saddle with your leg giving the pressure to move one part of his body or the other.
Sorry if you already know this.

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