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Beau Baby 01-10-2011 10:30 PM

Road to Greatness
Yes lame title I know, I couldn't really think of anything amazing but am to crazy to put "Jessica's Training Journal", that just seems boring! Well I've never really kept one of these, not even sure how often I'll update or what I'll put in here but I thought I'd put something up. Just to let you guys know about my horses and my riding, not that anyone would care to read it. :)

So first off a bit about me? I'm 16 years old and have been riding for around 9 years. I started off on a bratty little Shetland Pony named Montana. She was amazingly careful until she knew you could handle her, then she acted like a real Shetland. I then moved on to the Fjord Ben while simultaneously working and training Montana's son Watson. He is the devil incarnate by the way. I had jumped from barn to barn trying to find a good one until just over 2 years ago I moved to a competitive eventing barn. It was great for me, I learnt so much and started showing Ben through that barn. I left a couple days ago due to unforseen circumstances. I am now training a CWB for a breeder and am loving the experiance.

The Horses

Ben - 17 year old Fjord gelding. First show season was last year, placed at all 3 shows. Is amazingly bombproof and I love him. My mom may show him this summer and then hopefully he can be "retired" to a life of lesson horse work, just for beginners.
Watson - The devil incarnate. He is evil! He has dislocated my middle finger, almost broken my left arm{twice}, almost broken my legs, has kicked me in my lower back, stepped on numerous toes, bitten my right shoulder, head butted me and almost broke my nose, oh and he's kicked me in the jaw, thankfully not breaking it. Evil right? I've finally convinced my mom to sell him and she wants to wait till after show season, she thinks I'll ride him in shows, pfft. Not in this lifetime.
Regena - Yay! The mare i was sent for training. She is 6 years old and a dream. She's become my babydoll and I just pray I can somehow buy her by fall. I started her over fences and she recently got over an injury. Slowly bringing her back in to work but I have no indoor and have over 2-3 feet of snow to work in. Hmm.

Beau Baby 01-26-2011 04:22 PM

January 25/11

Got on Regena for the second time since the vet pronounced her sound. Our corral is pretty uneven with the snow and manure but we walked for a good 30 minutes with some interspersed trotting. She was such an amazing girl. She goes in to a frame without being asked and I'm so happy. Can't wait till we move her to the barn we're looking at and start working with this new coach I'm looking at. I think despite the $600 a month bill I'll do 5 lessons a week for March, April and May the cut back to the normal 2. That way we'll be ready for the first show at he end of MAy.

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