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Britt 01-11-2011 12:57 AM

Snow Day!

It snowed! Lol...
We got six inches of snow! That may not seem like a lot to some of you guys, but where I live, that's a -lot-... we're used to flurries around here, not anything more than two inches, haha!

College was supposed to start back today, but all schools were closed.. which sucked, I was really looking forwards to going back...

Anyway, it snowed... I took my almost-five-year-old gelding Dakota out for a ride in it! This was his first time riding in snow, and he was a handful for the first half of the ride... just nervous of the crunchy white stuff under his hooves, lol... but he got over it really fast, and by the end of our ride we were walking, trotting, cantering, and doing occassional hand-gallops. In retrospect, it was probably a bit dangerous to be going faster than a slow canter over the ground, as beneath the snow there was a thin layer of ice (and a thin layer of ice on top of the snow, lol...), but my boy was doing fine... shockingly, the only time we slipped was when we were walking down a trail and his front leg slid sideways when the snow slid out from under him... he caught his footing easily, though.

I hung out with my cousins, the big idiots, lol... They rigged a hood of a car to the back of their truck with some rope and were 'sledding'... (driving the truck and dragging people on the car-hood behind them). Something like that would have terrified the other horses, but Dakota was just perfect around it... them taking off and spinning snow everywhere didn't even phase him! Some more of my cousins were four-wheeling in the snow, fishtailing, spinning, and sliding everywhere... and he didn't even flinch and instead tried to eat their four-wheelers whenever he could inch up to one!

Later, I visited my uncles place and my younger cousins were there... They had gotten two of their horses out (Buttercup and Patch) and were riding around... Both the horses were pretty nervous and jumpy... (my cousins were also playing with their uncle and dad on the four-wheeler and were dragging each other around on an inner-tube tied behind the four-wheeler... the horses weren't used to that and it scared them).

Anyway, sorry for the novel...

Now... pics!!!!

My great-uncle David (on Buttercup, the chestnut mare) and his youngest son, my cousin Earl (on Patch, the black and white paint mare).

Earl and his youngest neice, Lexi, on Patch.

Earl on Patch.

My cousin David dragging his oldest daughter Whitney on the inner-tube...

My cousin David dragging his brother-in-law Earl on the inner-tube...

Me and Dakota on a trail (this trail is the one where his leg slipped out from under him and we nearly fell).

Earl on Dakota (Earl wanted to ride, so I let him... it was hilarious... Dakota is definately not his horse... Whereas I barely have to squeeze or nudge him to get him to walk, trot, or canter, Earl had to kick him multiple times just to get him to walk consistently... haha!)

Me on Dakota (yeah, lol... I'm so bundled up that you can only see my eyes, haha! I was freezing... I'd already been riding for about two hours!)

Earl and my cousin Willie (Willie was about to help Earl get up... he literally couldn't move with all that snow piled on top of him!)

Britt 01-11-2011 01:21 AM

Willie driving the truck and dragging his wife Kim on their makeshift sled...

Willie and Earl helping Kim off the 'sled'... Snow had packed on top of her and she couldn't get up!)

Earl flying through the snow on his four-wheeler, acting like an idiot...

Willie dragging another family member on the makeshift 'sled'...

My cousins driveway...

Earl on his four-wheeler...

Me and Dakota on the road...

RedTree 01-11-2011 01:25 AM

that sounds like funn :)

HairyCob 01-11-2011 04:56 AM

That looks so fun! I'd hate to imagine the bruises after though!

Pepita 01-11-2011 07:14 AM

It is very fun. In my Country are much snow every winter :)

Pepita 01-11-2011 07:17 AM

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Winter in my country :)

Britt 01-11-2011 01:23 PM

It was fun! I'm glad you guys like the pics!

Pepita, wow! That snow looks really deep! And the landscape is gorgeous! And so is your horse, lol!

my2geldings 01-11-2011 02:59 PM

OH MY GOSH IM SO JEALOUS! we did years ago with our quads. It was such a blast! I would kill to go out and do that again, oh my gosh it would be a blast. Lucky duck! any injuries? :lol:

Britt 01-11-2011 03:30 PM


Nope, no injuries at all...

Poseidon 01-11-2011 04:12 PM

Maybe one day I'll move to somewhere where 6 inches of snow is considered a lot. The snowbanks made from snowplows plowing snow on the side of the streets are about as high as my car (about chest high on me. I'm 5'7") Oh one can dream, can't they? Hahahah.

That looks like a blastttttt though.

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