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HopalongCassidy 01-11-2011 05:35 PM

What is your favorite t.v. show?
So i'm just wondering what t.v. show/shows do you like.

I watch some during the day and some at night.

In the morning i watch Angel (sometimes), Maverick, Rifle Man

My favorite during the day is Supernatural

My favorites i watch at night are The Virginian, Cheyenne, Wagon Train, Have gun will travel and Gunsmoke

The two i like the most out of theses are Supernatural and The Virginian.

all you have to do is make a list. I just add when i watch them.

mbender 01-11-2011 06:05 PM

Buffy the vampire slayer, Two and a half Men, Everybody loves Raymond, How I met your mother and Vampire Diaries.
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BarrelracingArabian 01-11-2011 06:11 PM

I love pretty little liars,pit boss, pitbulls and parolees, and jersey shore(yes its quite a bad show but oh well)

EventersBabe 01-11-2011 06:12 PM

pretty little liars, vampire diaries, secret life of american teenager,gossip girl, one tree hill, make it or break it, true blood, 16 and preg and teen mom

GreyRay 01-11-2011 06:12 PM

Merlin, CSI, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, Two & A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Lie To Me, The Mentalist and Bones.
And shows that are no longer running: Prision Break, Heros, Jerico and Moonlight.
I am sure I am missing some two!
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TaMMa89 01-12-2011 11:57 AM

South Park, The Simpsons, The Mythbusters, ER.

Like you see, my taste isn't mainly that sophisticated :lol:.

Zimpatico 01-12-2011 11:58 AM

Law & Order, Pretty Little Liars, Bachelor, Biggest Loser, Celeb Rehab, and Millionaire Matchmaker. If it's not L&O, it's gotta be reality tv!!

SadieBug 01-12-2011 12:00 PM

Probably Malcom in the Middle. It makes me laugh, really hard. Haha :)

Speed Racer 01-12-2011 12:09 PM

Wow, y'all are big into nostalgia, aren't you? Many of the ones you've listed have been cancelled a long, long time! :wink:

My favorite at the moment is Big Bang Theory. Intelligent, hysterically funny, and with just enough sarcasm to make it completely delightful. I like that the program doesn't feel a need to 'dumb down' the conversations between the characters. You either get the references, or you don't.

I still enjoy South Park, even though it's changed quite a bit over the years.

The Simpsons is still a favorite, and so is Family Guy, although that one can be unnecessarily lewd, crude, and unsuitable for younger viewers.

Also, pretty much any of the criminal/forensic shows on Investigation Discovery, and almost anything on the Science Channel.

corinowalk 01-12-2011 12:12 PM

House. Love that show. Hugh Laurie makes me happy.

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