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Klassic Superstar 01-12-2011 01:27 PM

How much would you pay?
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Hey so I am bored, couldnt sleep last night and now am in zombie land of the barly awake but cant go back to sleep mode :)

Wanted to know what everyone thoaght Klass was worth now? I asked in the middle of summer, People ranged from 1k-6k

Here is the info on this pretty lil girl :) We live in WA state, I have heard prices range in different states??

2006, 15.2 Bay TB. Was orginally bred to go on the track at Emerald Downs
Started under saddle spring of 2009, was easy and a wonderful horse to "break" (really just was like fine put a saddle on me, fine ride me, okay trails? oh scary stuff not so scary) She has a great willing working and on the ground attitude.

She is not spooky in any means, we have tested her on so many things and we all end up lauging (sacry 40 ft tarp came loose and was blowing in the wind, all the other horses were spazzingand she was so intrested in it she walked up to ita nd bit it and tried dragging it away! Scary tractores in her space thats with the bucket lifetd up dumping gravel, she wanted to try to eat the gravel out of it! First show with more then 100 horses (more then shed ever been around or in that invoriment) she acted like shed been there all her life, no worries. Thats just to list off a few things!!!!)

Still growing, but getting more even. I suspect she will mature out to 15.3 16.0hh.

I have put little kids on her and she acts like a 30 year old horse, takes care of the kids, just emmidatly mellows out and is lovey dovey with them.

She is in training, schooling 1st level dressage movements likea pro, almost has her flying lead changes, has jump experaince. Has free jumped 4 ft, she loves it more then anything. Has natural good form, first time she ws put on course she handled it like it was nothing, won her very first jump class, 18''! Scored 62% on her first dressage test Intro A. Wasnt squirmy, herd bound, was focused and went through her paces very well!

She has been on tons of trails and loves to explore, not herdbound in any means!

Right now she has front shoes on with pads (she has a tad bit long pasterns) so the pads help support her legs, as she is also growing into them and has had NO lamness issues at all. On a lower dose Joint Suppliment just to help her joints so they dont stress to much while in training 5 days a week. I have taken her off of them for 2 months while continueing her 5 daysa week training and she held up just fine, no soreness, no marish ouchyness acted liek she was still on them.

Pretty much this mare is getting ready to kick major booty when show season starts up.
Easy keeper too, gets 4 flakes of 2nd cutting timothy, and no grain and just east the joing suppliments with nothing else, Has 4 hours of pasture turnout.

Has great transtions, listens very very well, though a senstive mare to ride (im sure you guys have alot of those too!) Leg yeilds, walk and trot, counter canters very nicely, doesnt shake her head, pull down on you, brace or all that greeny stuff!

So let me know what you think she is worth and why and were you are from.

She is not for sale, she was in the summer, cause I thoaght I would be going to college but I decided to do training and shows and teaching other then that (never been good with school)

Here are some confirmation pics, and of her undersaddle, not any recent riding pics though, all from this past summer, and has been looking going much better and holding herself up more and more!
The comp wont let me upload any new riding pics for some reason :(

Speed Racer 01-12-2011 01:34 PM

I'd still price her in the same range you originally got. Why? Because she hasn't done anything yet of note.

Once you start showing and consistently winning, as well as move up in the ranks, the price will increase.

A proven show horse costs more. One with potential is just that; a horse with potential, not proof.

my2geldings 01-12-2011 01:56 PM

Two things that are going to affect her price.

1) Height. If you're going to be selling her as hunter/jumper-dressage mount, a lot of people are not going to look at her if she stands under 16hh.

2) Her training. She sounds like she's absolutely lovely but she doesn't have much experience yet, and being "sensitive" to ride-she's obviously not a beginner's horse, or at least not one without a steady leg.

If money is what you're looking or hoping for, I would hold onto her, show her lots and keep riding her and train her. The more miles you put on her, the better and that also means the word will spread she is for sale because you're exposing her, making it easier for you to sell her. If you decide to sell her now(really like her look), you will probably not get much for her. Lots of horses like her unfortunately, and not being your more typical 16-16'1hh(which is what most hunter courses are build for), you won't get the serious buyers look at her as much.

Klassic Superstar 01-12-2011 01:59 PM

Thank you MTG, thats the kind of stuff I need to know and hear. :) Really helped!

my2geldings 01-12-2011 02:03 PM


Originally Posted by Klassic Superstar (Post 887096)
Thank you MTG, thats the kind of stuff I need to know and hear. :) Really helped!

No problem at all. I think she's absolutely lovely and if you can get her showing and really doing well, if she doesn't happen to make to 16hh(I dont think she will if she's already 4), then you have her temper and all her training behind you. You just wont probably be able to try to pull off the bigger bucks for her. I would definitely hold onto her right now. Why were you selling her?

Klassic Superstar 01-12-2011 02:05 PM

I thought I was going to be able to affored college....well thats not gonna happen so I keeping her for another few years I figure.

Gidget 01-12-2011 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by Klassic Superstar (Post 887111)
I thought I was going to be able to affored college....well thats not gonna happen so I keeping her for another few years I figure.

There are grants for people for college :)

If you don't like school or know what you want to do then I'd wait on college.

Anyways,I like what you doing for a job. I,one day, want to own my own stable :) I want to have boarders,small shows,and I would want it to be kind of strict.Example: you have to clean up after you are finished grooming and riding,stalls must be mucked out every day,vets will be called if needed and farriers will be on a schedule depending on how fast your horses hoof grows and whatnot,also I would want an indoor arena with a trainer hired.

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